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2019 IPCPR: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust 2019 IPCPR

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust 2019 IPCPR




The 2019 IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas NV saw two new offerings of existing lines from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. “Sobremesa Brûlée is a recreation of the milder, shade wrapped ligas of my early years.

Somewhere over the last three decades many of the classic shade cigars have become wispy, uninspiring and rather dull to my palate.

I wanted to share with others the way I remember these blonde cigars being,” states Master Blender Steve Saka.

“Also as ligador and tobacco man, I do not understand the recent trend of making strong Connecticut Shade cigars aka “not your grandfather’s cigar”.

The Sobremesa Brûlée fills the gap in the DTT portfolio geared to introduce the company to entry level smokers.



The second offering holds the core name of Mi Querida with a stronger tweak to the blend called Mi Querida Triqui Traca.

“Mi Querida Triqui Traca, pronounced ‘me kay-ree-dah tree-kee trah-ka’, is arguably our boldest cigar released to date,” shares Founder and Master Ligador Steve Saka. Adding,

“At its core, it remains our quintessential Mi Querida blend with its earthy, sweet broadleaf notes, but with the incorporation of a couple refinements.

The capa has been switched from the traditional Connecticut Broadleaf Mediums to the rarer No. 1 Dark corona leaves plus a unique, high octane ligero grown in the Dominican Republic has also been introduced into the liga.

Sobremesa Brûlée and Mi Querida Triqui Traca land on my list of top 5 standouts from this years tradeshow!



The resulting cigar retains its inherent sweet loam and chocolate characteristics, yet delivers a significantly heavier smoking experience.”

Saka explains, “’Triqui Traca’ is Nicaraguan slang for oversized firecrackers that are connected by fuses in a long serial string.

These explosive ropes are then laid down in the center of a street and sometimes stretch multiple blocks.

Ignited from one end, they explode in a cascading line of powerful concussions and blinding light down the entire length of the street.



Sin Compromiso, Todos Las Dias as well as Umbagog and the Saka Unicorn were also on display at the DDT booth. 





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