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Cigar Review: Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2019

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2019




The WC LE 2019 “The Traveller” is the latest extension to Davidoff’s Winston Churchill series.

Winston Churchill was a wayfarer, explorer and a voyager.

First as a correspondent and then as a leader, all the time widening his horizons and his mind whilst adding depth and color to his character.

The wider world has had the same effect on the blend of the latest cigar in the Winston Churchill collection.

Inspired by Churchill’s sense of travel the Limited Edition 2019 contains tobacco from three distinct regions of the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Nicaragua.




“After the successful launch of the Davidoff Winston Churchill ‘The Original Collection’ in 2014, and the great success of the more intense

‘The Late Hour’ line, with the industry’s first, unique scotch cask-aged blend, our master blenders have taken on the challenge to create another complex multi-origin blend inspired by Winston Churchill’s rich character,”

says Sybille Johner, Oettinger Davidoff AG’s Head of Brand Marketing. 




Available Winston Churchill LE 2019 Sizes:

  • Robusto: 5 x 50
  • Corona: 5 x 43 (Duty Free Exclusive, available only outside the U.S.)






The undisclosed wrapper on the Davidoff Winston Churchill LE 2019 is bread crust in color and hails from the Dominican Republic.

At 5 x 50 it’s rolled in the Robusto format with a wide open foot and a rounded cap.

The Dominican-shade wrapper is smooth showing very little seam, minimal tooth with some small vein.

Two bands sit on the vitola with the primary band showing a profile of Sir Winston Churchill in gold silhouette with “Davidoff” in gold cursive on a glossy white background.

Along the sides in gold font read “Winston CHURCHILL” on the left with “GENÈVA” on the right.

The secondary band is light blue in color with gold accents reading “LIMITED EDITION 2019” in gold font.

Pre-light aroma had notes of chocolate, cedar and earth.

The cold draw produced flavors of roasted malt, dried fruit and leather spice.







An aroma of warm cedar and mild pine off the toasted foot.

Initially first light combustion brings a mild toasted char, orange peel and raw walnuts.

The blend settles in with rich cedar, cinnamon, coffee and a mild sweetness of molasses.

The background profile is producing flavors of earth, roasted nuts and creamy leather.

MED black pepper is present on every draw balancing in creating a complex flavor profile thus far.

A sting of white pepper on the retro-hale evolving into a long finish of toffee char and honey.




In the second half the flavor profile intensifies with rich cedar, cinnamon spice, coffee and creamed hazelnut.

Background nuances of sweet molasses, oily roasted walnuts and graham cracker.

Black pepper noted at first light has morphed into a MED spicy bite of leather producing a long and balanced finish.

A consistent sting of white pepper on the retro-hale with an evolving flavor of charred toffee and honey.




Heading into the final third the Davidoff Winston Churchill LE 2019 has remained complex and balanced with rich cedar notes, cinnamon spice, roasted nuts and graham cracker sweetness.

The background profile is balancing in with the aforementioned flavors producing creamy hazelnut, coffee with a MED-PLUS leather bite.

FULL white pepper on the retro-hale producing an extra long finish of caramel.




• CONSTRUCTION: Price has its perks! Solid construction on all examples smoked for review. The vitola had no cracks, blemishes or palpable soft spots.


• BURN: Consistent combustion of wrapper, binder and filler with a continuous smolder.


• ASH: The dark grey ash held an inch-plus producing a stack of dimes requiring a bit of force to tap off.


• CUT: A large v-cut was used on all three examples smoked for review.


• DRAW: The Draw was wide open producing an abundance of thick creamy white smoke.


• RE-LIGHTS: Zero.


• FIRE: JetLine triple flame torch.


• STRENGTH: MED-PLUS bodied wheelhouse.




To say there’s a lot going on here is an understatement!

The Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2019 was a complex and balanced offering from Davidoff.

A standard review of all three examples performed Identically with an upper echelon flavor profile at a strength level of MED-PLUS.

Unfortunately a hefty price tag on the vitola makes it impractical for everyday consumption, rather a celebratory cigar to be enjoyed occasionally with special occasion or a high end libation.





Cigar reviewed: Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2019 from Davidoff Cigars

Cigars for review: Purchased 

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 95

Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)

Wrapper: Dominican (Undisclosed Leaf) 

Binder: Mexico – Negro San Andrés

Filler: Dominican Republic – Piloto Mejorado Visus, Criollo Seco, San Vicente Mejorado Visus
Nicaragua – Esteli Visus, Semilla A Visus  

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Davidoff Cigar Factory, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Production: Worldwide 8,000 Boxes of Robusto. 4,500 5 packs of Corona available exclusively at select Duty Free locations outside of the U.S.

Box count: 10 (Robusto)

News source: Davidoff Cigars

Photos by: Cigar Smoke


Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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