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Foundation Video Spotlight: Art Director Thief Operandi

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Art Director Thief Operandi




Windsor, CT – 07/31/19 Walking into the Foundation Cigar Company headquarters in Windsor CT, one might mistake the cigar company’s office for a makeshift art gallery.

Massive paintings and collages adorn the walls, while others are stacked in corners.

Figures from folklore loom large and bold colors find their way into every corner.

It’s a little slice of Nicaragua, hidden away in the Connecticut River Valley.



Foundation’s newest video puts a face to the roots of its iconic art by spotlighting Alex Garcia.

Alex is Foundation’s art director and the man behind the company’s collectible cigar boxes and bands (among many other things).

Also known by his artistic handle, Thief Operandi, he has been a street artist in Nicaragua since 1997.

This video introduces people to the artist himself, as he discusses how he first got into the world of graffiti and developed his style through a variety of disciplines.



Spotlight Video on Art Director Alex Garcia aka “Thief Operandi”



Thief’s painting style celebrates life, culture, and folklore through rich, striking colors.

His and Colectivo ATOL’s work has helped established Foundation’s branding as an attraction all of its own, with the company’s art-filled booth winning Best in Show at the IPCPR.

Today, Thief continues to develop new media and designs that bring his street art heritage to the wider world.



“I have known Thief since 2004 and he is one of the most unique and talented artists I’ve met.

He continues to evolve and learn not only new techniques in street art but also graphic design.

Some are leaves, some are branches, but Thief is ROOTS.” 

– Nicholas Melillo



See Thief’s Artwork in Las Vegas from the 2019 IPCPR


About Foundation Cigar Company


Foundation Cigar Company was formed by Nicholas Melillo in June of 2015 and debuted El Güegüense, The Wise Man – Corona, which was awarded among Cigar Aficionado’s ‘top 25 cigars ‘of 2016.

The Company launched The Tabernacle, Charter Oak, and the infused line, The Upsetters, in 2016.

In 2018, The Wise Man Maduro was named #3 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado and The Charter Oak was named Best Value Cigar.

Foundation’s home offices reside in the Connecticut River Tobacco Valley and its production in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Foundation Cigar Company’s goal is to bring top quality premium cigars to connoisseurs around the world.


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