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Cigar News: Foundation Cigar Company Begins Shipping Menelik, #142 Lancero, Highclere Victorian

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Foundation Cigar Company Begins Shipping Menelik, #142 Lancero, Highclere Victorian




This year saw not one, but three line expansions released by Foundation Cigars at the 2019 IPCPR.

The Menelik, the Tabernacle Havana Seed #142 Lancero, and the Highclere Castle Victorian have officially arrived stateside from Nicaragua.



Foundation will begin shipping these eagerly awaited cigars to retail shops across the US this week and into next.

There is limited stock available, so aficionados should visit their local shops soon to get their hands on Foundation’s latest offerings.



The Menelik is a soft-box pressed petit robusto that measures 4 1/2 x 52.

The slightly pressed characteristic of this cigar- a quality it also shares with El Güegüense- lends itself to a more flavorful smoke with a consistent draw.

The Menelik’s flavor profile includes rich tones of cocoa, spice, and earthiness.

As a finishing touch, it also features a pigtail, or culita, cap.



Now cigar lovers can experience the Tabernacle Havana Seed #142 in all its glory as a new 7 x 40 Lancero size. This long, thin size has a higher wrapper to blend ratio and relies on a flavorful wrapper leaf to carry the cigar.

Its slender shape requires delicate craftsmanship to construct and only the highest quality, pristine wrapper leaves will do.

And what better wrapper to highlight than that of the #142?

The thin leaf is full of rich oils and an unbelievable range of flavors, with an extravagant offering for the expert palate.



The Highclere Castle Victorian is wrapped in Habano Ecuador, harkening back to the very first cigars to be imported into England in the Victorian era.

The flavor profile of the cigar was created as a tribute to the style of cigars most popular during Victorian times, when smoking rooms became the fashion in grand country homes and castles.

The new Victorian is a full-bodied cigar delivering notes of nougat, cedar, cinnamon, and leather.



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