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Cigar Review: Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto





Santiago Mejia has teamed up with Gotham Cigars and Alec Bradley to create the Gotham Heroes Series. The Gotham Alec Bradley Robusto is the first edition in the Gotham Heroes Series line, handcrafted in the world famous Nestor Plasencia factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. This 100% Nicaraguan puro is deliciously sweet and has spicy notes. The Gotham Alec Bradley Robusto is available in 5 packs at



Gotham Cigars collaborated with some of the the most popular cigar makers in the industry to compose this latest creation. Hard work and collaboration resulted in the Gotham Heroes Series. The Heroes Series features unique blends that were made exclusively for Gotham cigars and available to customers.

The Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley currently is offered in one size a 5 x 50 Robusto, available for $29,99  for a five pack, how’s that for affordability. The Gotham Heroes Series is intended to be a series of collaborations where Gotham will team up with leading cigar manufacturers to produce exclusive blends. As indicated, the Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley is blended at the Nestor Plasencia factory in Estelí Nicaragua.





The Nicaraguan sun grown wrapper is dark cocoa bean in color with some notable tooth, vein and seam. Looking oily and rustic the vitola has an open foot with a rounded cap rolled in a robusto format. The singular band has orange and gold accents surrounding a solid black middle with an orange foil “G”, underneath the logo in orange foil cursive is the company’s name “GOTHAM”.

Rounding out the motif is a solid orange foil banner with the word “CIGARS” in straight solid font. Pre light aroma had notes of light chocolate, floral and cedar notes notable in the open foot. The cold draw produced flavors of plain tea, mild leather and earth.


At first light there is a heavy bitter char of burnt cedar, cocoa bean, raw cinnamon and walnuts. Background flavors of anise and dark chocolate with a black coffee nuance. Medium black pepper is present with a raw pepper spice noted on the lips and palate in between draws. The retro is producing black pepper evolving into a long finish of raisins and dried fruit.


Entering cruise control burn there is distinct flavors of raw walnuts and charred bitter cedar overwhelming the palate. Eventually, the bitter flavors mellow and the vitola transitions into flavors of sweet cedar, raw cinnamon, mocha and cocoa bean.

Black pepper has decreased to mild with a light pepper dusting of spice on the lips and palate, again in between draws. The retro has increased with a respectable level of black pepper evolving into a slight hint of caramel and notable black cherries.


In the final duration most of the bitter accents of the cigar have diminished with a slight lingering flavor of burnt toast. Roasted nuts have appeared with nuances of coffee and mocha. Raw walnuts and cocoa bean have taken point.

Some tasty sweet flavors are present in the form of dark chocolate, cocoa and molasses. Minimal black pepper is still noted with combustion still producing a light spice on the lips and palate in between draws. The retro has decreased slightly producing black pepper evolving into flavors of caramel, black cherries and raisins.


The construction on the Gotham Heroes Alec Bradley Robusto was solid, you can take this cigar on the golf course, gun range or beach and the hearty construction assures that what ever climate or activity you bring or smoke it in, this tank of a cigar will hang tough. The draw on the straight cut produced the perfect amount of resistance resulting in thick plumes of white smoke.

The burn line was straight producing a solid darkish grey ash looking like a stack of dimes. The combustion on the vitola was long and required zero re lights even through the long periods of sitting in the ashtray while compiling notes. The strength of the GHABR was in the straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse, what it lacked in complexity it more than made up for in consistency of hearty flavors and solid construction.



  • Burnt/Charred Cedar
  • Anise
  • Raw Walnuts
  • Cocoa/Cocoa Bean
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Raw Cinnamon
  • Black Pepper/Mild-Medium
  • Molasses
  • Retro producing Black Pepper evolving into flavors of Caramel/Black Cherries/Raisins/Dried Fruit


Cigars for review: Purchased Gotham Cigars (Five Pack)

Cigars smoked for review: 4

Cigar Smoke rate: 88

Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Country of Origin: Nicaragua (Placencia SA)

News Source: Cigar Coop


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