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Cigar Review: Liga Privada 10th Aniversario

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Liga Privada 10th Aniversario




Last year Drew Estate announced the Liga Privada 10 Year Aniversario, a cigar that they spared no expense in creating to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Liga Privada.

The production is limited to only 10,000 cigars or (1,000 boxes) of the Liga Privada 10 Year Aniversario Toro celebrating the 10 years of Liga Privada.

The Robusto, Corona Doble, and Torpedo sizes will be available in the future after additional crop harvests.




Liga Privada 10th Aniversario on display at the Drew Estate booth, 2018 IPCPR in Las Vegas NV.




“The hard work began deep in the Valley, hunting for the dense lush leaf required to turn our dream cigar into a reality.

This cigar symbolizes the bond of partnership between farmer and manufacturer to grow a Criollo Capa that is worthy of unmatched celebration.

Exclusively grown for Drew Estate.

I challenged Willy Herrera and the factory team at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate to create the cigar that could live up to the Broadleaf Bully that we have come to love, to celebrate the 10 years of Liga Privada.”


– Jonathan Drew




Featuring a San Andres Otapan Negro Último Corte capote binder that adds razor sharp spice and burn to a core blend of well-aged Nicaraguan and Honduran tripa leaf.

Packaged in 10 count boxes featuring a unique Cola de Pescado head, and Pies Tapado foot, the Liga Privada 10 – Year Aniversario Toro measures in at 6 x 52.






The Connecticut River Valley Criollo wrapper is dark and oily with notable tooth, heavy vein and seam.

At 6 x 52 it’s rolled in the Toro format with an unfinished footer knows as “Pies Tapado” and a rounded triple cap with a man bun pigtail called “Cola de Pescado head”.

Two bands sit on the Aniversario vitola, polar opposite of the regular white production bands the 10th year Liga bands are black with with “Liga Privada” in thin silver sharpie cursive font on a matte black background with grey accents.

Below identifies the factory “LA GRAN FABRICA ESTATE S.A.” a silver square frame which houses a silver Rampant Lion with a “10” in the lower left corner.

A smaller thin band sits below with “ANIVERSARIO” in silver/grey font with grey accents.

The whole motif is unique and a perfect representation of a 10th Anniversary tribute from one of Drew Estate core brands.

Pre-light aroma had notes of damp earth, chocolate and woody cedar.

The cold draw produced flavors of sangria, dried fruit and malt.







An aroma of smoldering smokey campfire and cedar off the toasted unfinished foot.

Immediate first light flavors of mild cedar char and leather.

When the blend settles in the vitola delivers flavors of malt, oak and chocolate with a FULL dose of black pepper.

The background profile is producing smokey cedar and coffee.

The spicy element is in the form of the aforementioned black pepper experienced on every draw at a level of FULL.

The retro-hale is producing FULL dose of white pepper with a long finish of milk chocolate.




In the second half the 10th Aniversario Liga  Privada transitions down to MED-PLUS with core flavors of dark chocolate, malt and woody flavors of cedar and oak.

Roasted nuts have appeared in the background with nuances of cocoa and creamy leather.

The spicy element is in the form of balanced MED-PLUS black pepper hitting all areas of the throat and palate producing a long spicy chocolate finish.

With a retro-hale on every draw the vitola is producing clean white pepper with a long finish of coffee and chocolate.







In the final third core flavors of dark chocolate, malt, cedar and coffee have been up front and on point.

The background profile is balancing in with the aforementioned core flavors with cocoa bean, creamy leather and a sweetness of honeycomb.

The spicy element has transitioned down slightly producing MED black pepper in perfect complex balance with all aforementioned flavors.

The retro-hale has been consistent with MED-FULL white pepper with a long finish of caramel and chocolate.




• CONSTRUCTION: Solid construction on the 10th Aniversario Liga Privada. Dark and oily the wrapper had heavy vein with no palpable soft spots, cracks or inconsistencies throughout the smoking duration.


• BURN: A razor sharp burn and consistent combustion on all three components of wrapper, binder and filler. The produced a typical smokey smolder, a common occurrence with Liga Privada products.


• ASH: The light grey ash flaked a bit from the unfinished or “Pies Tapado” footer, otherwise holding an inch plus producing a stack of dimes before being tapped off.


• CUT: With a twist of the pig tail cap both examples were v-cut.


• DRAW: Very little resistance off the covered foot transitioning into a wide open burn.


• RE-LIGHTS: Zero.


• FIRE: JetLine triple flame torch.


• STRENGTH: MED-PLUS bodied wheelhouse.




Currently it’s virtually impossible to purchase a full box, the release has been very limited with retailers being chosen on a lottery system.

The two examples acquired have been singles with an assortment of other Drew Estate product.

Personally I’m not a fan of the system but it seems to be the norm these days, however I’ve been a fan of Liga Privada since launch 10 years ago.

If there is an upside in edition to the single cigar acquired you get some extra DE cigars with the limited Liga so that’s a plus and well worth the price.

The cigar is very reminiscent of the first year launch of the line with core flavors of chocolate, malt, cedar, creamy leather and a generous dose of black pepper throughout.

The cigar was everything you’d expect from a tribute stick celebrating ten years of Liga Privada and IMO, one of the products that’s made Drew Estate a household name in the cigar industry.

As reported in the press release we can expect to see other sizes in the Aniversario blend with a time and date that as of yet hasn’t been disclosed.





Cigar reviewed: Liga Privada 10th Aniversario from Drew Estate

Cigars for review: Purchased samplers

Cigars smoke for review: 2

Cigar Smoke Rate: 94

Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)

Wrapper: Connecticut River Valley Criollo

Binder: San Andrés Otapan Negro Último Corte

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran

Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate S.A.

Production: 1,000 10 count boxes, 10,000 cigars total

News source: Drew Estate press release

Photos by: Cigar Smoke


Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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