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Cigar Review: Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Toro

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Toro




Jas Sum Kral Red Knight cigars, is a four vitola line of premium smokes from master blender Riste Riatevski that combines the classic aspects of a rich Cuban profile with Riste’s own unique spin on the flavor and presentation.

The Jas Sum Kral RED KNIGHT has everything needed to make a cigar wonderful in a full bodied cigar along with a dessert like creaminess that keeps your interest all the way to the last puff. Jas Sum Kral translated from Macedonian, means “I am king.”



We talked to brand owner Riste Riatevski about the difference in bands, some have “Red Knight” printed on the band while others do not? He told Cigar Smoke “Yeah I switched print band companies” He also said “The Red Knight series has been the best selling cigar for Jas Sum Kral since it’s release” 




Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Available Sizes:

  • Robusto: 5 x 50
  • Lancero: 7 x 38
  • Lonsdale: 6 1/2 x 42
  • Toro: 6 x 52






The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is light brown peanut color. At 6 x 52 it’s rolled in the Toro format showing visible seam with mild tooth and vein.

The vitola has a covered foot with a triple rounded pigtail circular bun, similar to a Cinnabon danish. One band sits in the cigar decked out in gold accents and looking like a regal code of arms complete with lions on each side.

In the middle has the initials “JK” on a scarlet chevron. Below reads “JAS SUM KRAL” in royal white font on a black background.

On top is a gold crown supporting the moniker JSK translation – “I AM KING”. 

Pre-light aroma had notes of dried fruit, mild cocoa and cream. Resistance off the closed foot on the cold draw producing flavors of oak and malt.









Mild resistance due to the covered foot that opens up after a few draws. An aroma of cedar and campfire off the toasted foot.

Initial flavors of charred cedar, once combustion settles in flavors of nutmeg, sweet cedar and creamy leather.

Background flavors of creamy cinnamon with nuances of caramel.

The spicy element is in the form of MILD black table pepper with a creamy finish. MED white pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of Cracker Jack caramel.




In the second half the JSK Red Knight is producing a consistent floral spice with flavors of nutmeg and hazelnut with creamy cinnamon.

Background flavors remain consistent with nuances of creamy leather with MILD black pepper.

I’d be remised if I didn’t say the blend is complex, balanced and parallels a Cuban cigar. Increased white pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of caramel.







In the final duration all aforementioned flavors are present and accounted for. Creamy hazelnut and nutmeg are up front and on point with cinnamon and an appearance of light coffee.

Creamy leather and MILD black pepper are keeping the blend consistent and balanced.

Increased white pepper on the retro with a wasabi sting through the nose evolving into a long finish of caramel.




• CONSTRUCTION: Solid construction. Smooth to the touch without blemishes or soft spots.


• BURN: Straight with periods of waviness, always self correcting. Zero touch ups required.


• ASH: The Dark Grey ash held 2 inches plus tapping off from its own weight. Flowering at times but always holding shape never flaky.



• CUT: With a twist of the “Cinnabon” Pigtail all 3 examples were v-cut using a large generic cutter on the larger ring gauge of the Toro.



• DRAW: Minimal resistance off the covered foot easing into wide open after 4-5 draws at first light.




• FIRE: Long cedar matches.


• STRENGTH: MEDIUM to MEDIUM-PLUS with rich and creamy flavors, powerful without being aggressive.




The JSK virus is real! Nostalgic with a taste of old world creamy Cubanesk flavors both bold and balanced.

Floral spice with nutmeg and hazelnut, it was reminiscent of sipping peppered cream coffee through a large straw.

Work is complete now time to pair morning coffee or evening libations.





Cigar reviewed: Jas Sum Kral Red Knight (Toro)

Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 94

Size: 6 x 52 Toro

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Mexican San Andres/Nicaraguan Jalapa Seco Leaf

Filler: Corojo 99, Esteli, Jalapa


Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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