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Short Cuts: Swollen Cock From Lost & Found

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Swollen Cock From Lost & Found



According to Robert Caldwell, “Over several months I have been traveling all over the world spending a lot of time in the Caribbean and Central America in many tobacco fields and factories. Along the way I stumbled upon certain cigars that really left an impression on me.

My friends suggest we share them with our friends and customers. These are very special cigars, made with rare tobaccos that have been aged to a point seldom enjoyed by most of us. I cannot take credit with making these beauties, nor for bringing them to you just for discovering them.”     

– Robert Caldwell





“BCS is not a Caldwell project. It is not a Caldwell brand. It is not even a brand. It is a concept. We do not manufacture the cigars. They are something Lost and then Found. We go after cigars that were very special when they were on the shelves and breathe new life into them.

It is a chance to bring in one-off cigars that have been aged to perfection and share them with true connoisseurs. Some quantities have been as low as 100 cigars. It is the coolest thing to ever happen a second time to a great cigar”


FLASH FORWARD – Jaclyn Sears is now with Drew Estate and no longer with the trio that formed “Impromptu/Lost & Found”. Last year Caldwell and Bellatto released two more offerings from the brand “Back Door Bambi” and “El Suavesito” both of those came in wooden boxes, personally I liked the paper bundles as I felt it added to the mystery of the brand, not to mention storage space.

Recently the “SuperStroke” was released, a collaboration with Matt Booth. I’ve commented before about the psychology of a cigar, if you rebrand and repackage a cigar that has had its time, then suddenly that cigar becomes the hot topic only to find new life under a new name, from a marketing standpoint…BRILLIANT!

With looming FDA regulations we can only hope Lost & Found can continue bringing us quirky names and aged offerings! As Sigmund Freud reminds us “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” 





An oddly shaped parejo it’s smaller at the foot and cap, slightly larger in the middle. The SC is light brown in color, toothy with notable seam and vein, it has an open foot and rounded triple cap.

The cigar was very light in weight, it’s been in my humidor over 3 years and has probably expanded and contracted from over and under humidification. Although the cigar smoked well it was probably a little dry.

Sans band the artwork on the paper bag bundle is completely hilarious! Called Swollen Cock (insert expletive) it sports a chubby Rooster with a smaller picture of 2 Bucks doing the nasty, a nod to another release from Lost & Found called “Buck 15”.

The packaging also has a few words from Tony Bellatto about the project “EARTHY CITRUS CREAM SOAP” is one of the comments on the bundle. Pre light aroma had notes of floral, cedar and earth. The cold draw produced flavors of natural tobacco and a dried fruit sweetness.






  • Roasted Nuts
  • Bitter Orange Peel
  • Leather
  • Dried Fruit
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Pepper/ Black/FULL
  • Retro: Dirty White Pepper/FULL evolving into sweet Cocoa



  • Roasted Nuts/Assorted
  • Leather/Cream
  • Coffee/Dark
  • Cedar/Sweet
  • Chocolate/Light Milk
  • Pepper/Black/MED
  • Retro: White Pepper/FULL evolving into sweet dried fruit



  • Roasted Nuts, most notable Walnuts/Cashews
  • Leather
  • Coffee/Dark
  • Dark Chocolate/Bitter
  • Malt/Cream
  • Natural Tobacco/Aged
  • Earth
  • Pepper/Black/Upper MED
  • Retro: White Pepper/Upper MED/FULL evolving into flavors of light milk Chocolate




• CONSTRUCTION: Definitely a cigar with age, the construction was solid! This particular pack of SC was in my humidor over 3 years going through periods of over and under humidity. The cigar was extremely light with little to zero weight, over time of being humidified it holds moisture, under humidification causes the cigar to contract and I’m sure these have gone through both scenarios.


• BURN: Constant with an even smolder, combustion was continuous throughout the entire smoking duration on all three examples.


• ASH: The ash held past the inch point and never dropped unless tapped. The color was dark, almost black which is common on most Cuban cigars due to the rich volcanic soil it’s grown in. Was there Cuban tobacco inside? Remains a mystery never to be solved.


• CUT: All three examples were straight cut.


• DRAW: Draw was wide open with little resistance resulting an over abundance of thick grayish white smoke.


• RE LIGHTS: Zero re lights required, combustion was constant.







I really enjoyed the SC, despite its age and storage conditions. It still held its own with core flavors of assorted roasted nuts, most notable walnuts and cashews with a generous helping of coffee, dark chocolate and black pepper. As for what the cigar originally was? I’m going to take a guess and say a Camacho Liberty? Of what year I haven’t a clue.

Only a guess but the cats out of the bag on the PCCC being a Camacho Liberty 2007, it makes sense given the relationship with Christian Eiroa who departed Camacho when it was sold to Davidoff in 2008 and the early days when Robert Caldwell was co owner of Wynwood cigar factory in Miami FLA, enter Tony Bellatto in the same location with La Barba and you can see the puzzle coming together.

Personal disclaimer this was only my opinion and not fact, its for you to decide, the only ones who know are the trio of BCS. Alas I’m not here to play guess the cigar I just smoke ’em! It’s no secret i’m a huge fan of Lost & Found, the idea, the art and the marketing was nothing short of brilliant!

I have many releases from the trio and even a few that contain no more than 4 cigars. Hence, in the end cigars are for smoking not collecting and just like the Swollen Cock I’m looking forward to the next bundle I have tucked away for eventual review. As for this particular cigar? Let’s just say the Swollen Cock didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth.



Cigars for review: Purchased, Probably CigarFly

Cigars smoked for review: 4

Cigar Smoke Rate: 89

Size: Chubby Toro

Wrapper: Vintage 2008 Corojo

Binder: Vintage 2008 Corojo

Filler: Vintage 2008 Corojo

Production Run/Found: 2,300 Cigars

Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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