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Cigar News: Oettinger Davidoff and Illusione Cigars go into European distribution agreement

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Oettinger Davidoff and Illusione Cigars go into European distribution agreement




“The Davidoff brand and company are an organization that I’ve admired for years.

Their world-wide representation and global distribution of premium cigars is unparalleled, and without equal.

Illusione Cigars is grateful to be a part of their movement.

We believe that we can fill a niche in their portfolio, and in turn, enhance the presence of both companies respectively.”


Dion Giolito, President Illusione cigars



Jim Young, Chief Commercial Officer Oettinger Davidoff AG, sees many similarities and opportunities for the future.



“This is a great fit.

Illusione Cigars complements our assortment of premium tobacco products perfectly and the cooperation will reinforce our goal to be the indispensable business partner to our retailers, including our appointed merchants.

We are very happy to open the pan-European market for Illusione’s “Epernay” and “Fume D’Amour” cigars, starting with the distribution in Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.”



News and media source: Illusione Cigars 


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