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Cigar Review: Black Works Studio S&R Culebra

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Black Works Studio S&R Culebra




Spanish for “SNAKE” 

Culebras are cigars made of three cigars braided and banded together, usually 5 to 6 inches in length.

Legend has it that the culebra was invented as a way for factory owners to ensure their rollers were not exceeding their three cigars per day allotment.



“This cigar represents the broad spectrum of cigars produced under the Black Works Studio line.

The Nicaragua & Dominican blend is wrapped in a Sumatra wrapper and topped with the S&R’s signature pig tail.

This year, playing on the serpent theme we made a very limited number of Lancero Culebras to select number of retailors”, said James Brown, creator of BLK WKS and partner at Fabrica Oveja Negra.



Packaging for the Black Works Studio S&R Culebra in a single count wooden coffin.



Available Sizes for the 2019 S&R:

  • Lancero: 6.75 x 42
  • Corona Gorda: 5 1/2 x 46
  • Culebra: 6.75 x 42





2019 sees the second release of the S&R from Black Works Studio (BLK WKS).

Unique and boutique it’s beautiful in an ugly kind of way!

The Sumatra wrapper is milk chocolate in color and smooth to the touch, it has notable vein and seam.

At 6.75 x 42 portions of the Culebra are semi-compressed looking like the indented areas of a garden hose.

With an open foot and a rounded Cinnabon pigtail cap the Lancero’s are contorted while wet or moist to create the Culebras unique serpent like shape that’s individually hand crafted by the artisanal Torcedor’s at Fabrica Oveja Negra.

Sans band BLK WKS used leaf stems to keep the Culebras shape instead of a traditional silk ties that hold the cigars together, a true work of art. 

Pre-light aroma had notes of cocoa powder, cedar and sweet hay.

The cold draw produced flavors of plain tea, light cinnamon and herbal spice.







An aroma of sweet cedar off the toasted foot.

The first few draws bring an immediate blast of FULL condensed white pepper!

When the blend settles in coffee, cocoa, earth and rich leather appear with a sweet flavor of maple char.

Creamy nutty flavors appear in the background with doses of balanced white pepper that continued on the retro-hale producing a finish of cedar and caramel.




In the second half core flavors of coffee, cocoa bean, leather and earth are up front and on point.

Background flavors remain creamy and nutty with nuances of sweet maple sans char.

The smaller ring gauged format continues the production of complex FULL white pepper balancing in with the aforementioned flavors.

The retro-hale is producing a sting of FULL white pepper through the nose evolving into a long and balanced finish of caramel.




Heading into the final third core flavors of coffee, cocoa and leather have dominated the blend since first light, present on every draw.

Nuances of sweet maple and assorted roasted nuts balance the background with a compliment of FULL white pepper.

The retro-hale continues the assault on the nostrils with FULL clean white pepper producing an extra long finish of Cracker Jack caramel.




• CONSTRUCTION: Impressive construction on the BLK WKS S&R Culebra! The twisted shape and indentations of the vitolas produced zero cracks on the wrapper even when unleashing the dried stems holding the cigars together. I suggest cutting the circular rope like stems with a razor blade protecting the integrity of the Sumatra wrapper.


• BURN: Consistent combustion of wrapper binder and filler produced a razor sharp burn line on the twist and turns of the of the serpent shaped cigar. A circular carbon line was visible on the lighter colored wrapper.


• ASH: Holding and inch-plus the light colored ash was smooth and held it’s shape tapping off with minimal force.


• CUT: All three examples were v-cut.


• DRAW: Wide open.


• RE-LIGHTS: Zero.


• FIRE: JetLine triple torch lighter.






All three size offerings of this years S&R had an almost identical flavor profile.

The shape of the Culebra in the twisted Lancero form seemed to intensify the spicy element of white pepper.

Perhaps the draw through curved and condensed portions of the smaller ring gauge accelerated and intensified the strength profile.

Whatever the culprit, the unique shape of the Culebra produced an upper echelon of distinct identifiable flavors in the FULL to FULL-PLUS bodied format consistent from first light to final third.





Cigar reviewed: Black Works Studio S&R Culebra

Cigars for review: Purchased (1 coffin)

Cigars smoked for review: 1 Culebra (3 vitolas) 

Cigar Smoke Rate: 94

Size: 6.75 x 42 (Culebra Lancero)

Wrapper: Sumatra with a Cinnabon pigtail cap

Binder: Nicaraguan Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Production: Limited to select retailors

Factory: Fabrica Oveja Negra

Information: Black Works Studio press release, James Brown

Photos by: Cigar Smoke


Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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