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Cigar Review: Alpha Cigar Company Absinthe Infused Maduro

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

Alpha Cigar Company Absinthe Infused Maduro




Founded in 2014, Alpha Cigar Company is now one of the leading producers of premium, boutique Dominican Republic cigars. Leading the premium infused cigar category with its subtly aromatic Absinthe Infused cigar series, Alpha Cigar Company also offers traditional Cuban-style cigars of all shapes and sizes.



Alpha Cigar company is dedicated to creating exciting cigars while respecting Cuban cigar making traditions. 
From planting seed to rolling in the factory, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality tobacco and craftsmanship in making our cigars.



Founders Timothy Cavenagh and Justin Gao Mathson Hansen have created a company run by people that are truly passionate about cigars and spirits, with cigar lines that are smoked by true cigar connoisseurs around the world. 

Founded on integrity and a desire to create an esprit de corps among cigar smokers worldwide, we extend a welcome hand to lovers of premium cigars worldwide.


Alpha Absinthe Infused Maduro

San Andres maduro wrappers have entered a new golden age, and the Alpha Cigar Co. Absinthe Infused Maduro is a rare maduro cigar that stands above the rest.  
Upholding cuban traditions, the cigars are rolled in pairs, and bunched in the cuban entubado style for optimal draw.

Prior to rolling, a single leaf in each cigar is lightly infused with a premium French Absinthe. The 15 different herbs used in the production of this Absinthe lend diverse botanical subtleties to the cigar, especially on the retrohale.  



  • Alpha Absinthe Infused Claro
  • Alpha Absinthe Infused Connecticut
  • Alpha Absinthe Infused Maduro
  • The Defuser Claro
  • The Defuser Connecticut
  • The Defuser Maduro
  • Édition New Orleans Cigar (NEW)





The San Andres maduro wrapper is toothy with minimal vein and the seam is visible due to darker areas of the maduro in contrast with the lighter portion of the wrapper. Rolled in the Robusto format, it has a wide open foot with a darker rounded triple cap. There are small blemishes on the wrapper in the form of small white spots that are probably native to the maduro wrapper.

The cigar is tightly packed with no palpable soft spots. One large label sits on the vitola glossy white with gold accents, on top it reads “ALPHA” with “ABSINTHE INF– USED” below, both in solid gold font.

In the middle of the band there is a winged dog or Griffin type creature silhouette in solid gold color. Pre light aroma had notes of red licorice, Floral and earth. The cold draw produced flavors of dried fruit, molasses and black tea leaves





An aroma of sweet cedar off the toasted foot. Upon first light flavors of sweet cedar char, floral and raw walnuts with nuances of earth. A mild spicy element of allspice, or holiday spice making the salivary glands water up! Usually a dryness is noted on the palate with any mild spice but this has the juices flowing. The retro is void of any spice however flavors of sweet dried fruit with a nectarine type citrus is very distinct.

  • Cedar/Char
  • Floral
  • Raw Walnut
  • Earth
  • Allspice/Holiday Spice




Entering cruise control flavors of sweet cedar with a mild char and floral with hints of clove. Background flavors of glazed cashews, walnuts and mild red licorice. I’ve never had Absinthe and wouldn’t be able to identify any flavor of it even if I could, the infusion of any such libation is undetectable.

The spicy element is still coming from an allspice light dusting most notable on the palate in between draws. The retro is starting to produce a mild white pepper evolving into flavors of sweet tea and dried fruit.

  • Cedar
  • Mild Char
  • Floral
  • Clove
  • Glazed Cashews
  • Walnuts
  • Red Licorice 
  • Allspice Dusting




In the final third flavors of cooked vanilla bean, floral, clove and earth. A subtle consistent sweetness has been in the profile since cruise control in the form of red licorice, very subtle but distinct.

The spicy element is minimal to non existent, however the allspice noted is only detectable now in between draws with a light dusting on the palate. The retro is producing a very low level gritty white pepper evolving into flavors of fruit and charred toffee. 

  • Vanilla Bean/Cooked
  • Floral
  • Clove
  • Earth
  • Red Licorice
  • Allspice
  • Retro Producing Gritty White Pepper evolving into Fruit and Charred Toffee




CONSTRUCTION: A solid tank of a cigar! Well rolled with no palpable soft spots.


BURN: Both examples burned crooked until the final third then self corrected.


ASH: White, dark grayish black in color the ash held to an inch and tapped off with ease.


CUT: Both examples were v cut


RE LIGHTS: Zero re Lights required. The cigar burned crooked with no jagged areas. Small touch ups were attempted in cruise control but the cigar self corrected in the final third


STRENGTH: Straight MEDIUM bodied with an array of unique flavors





This was quite an interesting cigar, as reported I’ve never had Absinthe but I couldn’t identify any type of alcoholic like infusion throughout the duration. There was a gradual increase in strength with each smoking stage, not in the form of usual pepper, it was more floral and earthy with a holiday all spice making the salivary glands kick in.

In essence the cigar was balanced with a unique complexity that kept me interested, wondering what the next stage would bring. The strength of the Alpha infused maduro was in the MEDIUM bodied range with an interesting array of flavors. This ones getting high marks due to its unique quality and flavor characteristics.


Cigars for review: Samples/Alpha Cigar Co. 

Cigars Smoked for review: 2

Cigar Smoke rate: 90

Size: 5 x 52

Wrapper: San Andres Maduro

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicaraguan

Additional Photos: Alpha Cigar Co.

Cigar Smoke – Est. 2010
Cigar Smoke
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