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Rating System for Cigar Reviews






We have instituted a much stricter, tougher cigar rating system. The result is, overall, lower scores from prior years based on more of a standard grading system of 70-79 being average, to above average in the 80-89 range, etc.


So when comparing our new ratings, please keep in mind that an 80-89 (previously 8.0-8.9) rated cigar is a very good, above average, recommended to highly recommended cigar. We have moved back to a more standard 100 point system as defined below.



0-59      Not worth smoking, even if it’s inexpensive.


61-69    Below Average- big issues with flavor and or construction.


70-79     Average- decent construction and flavor. Can have some draw and or construction issues with marginal flavor notes that just does not expand into a complex smoke. This can be a daily smoke based on a decent price.


80-85     Above Average- a good, decent amount of flavor notes with only marginal draw or other issues that don’t compromise the smoke. This is a recommended cigar.


86-89    Very Good- this is where we expect many cigars to hit. Highly recommended smoke.


90-95     Great- above and beyond most cigars in flavor and construction. No draw issues, no softness in construction and complemented with complex flavors. Cigars of this rating really have to perform in all aspects.


96-100   Stellar- a rare cigar. All aspects are perfect. This cigar has a very complex flavor profile delivering more and more flavors and becoming more complex as the cigar is smoked (typically). Cigars in this category just wow the smoker from start to finish and highly recommended!



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