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Welcome to Cigar Smoke!


We are happy your cigar surfing stopped here! So get your favorite beverage, get comfortable in your easy chair, get with your favorite cigar, and start smoking!

When you pick up a cigar whether it’s your 1st or your 1,000th what do you see? What we hope you don’t see is “dried tobacco leaves rolled together into sticks and complain why it cost as much as your lunch or better”. What we hope you will find when you read the articles is:

  • You learn about cigars and cigar brands: it’s history, the cigar industry and the mystery of great cigars.

  • Being entertained and having fun: The Cigar Smoke crew love smoking cigars. We feel it should be a fun experience and hope the reviews peak your interests.

  • Promote cigars & promote our website: please enjoy our site and tell your friends. And then try one or all of the many cigars we have reviewed. It’s important to remember that the tastes and flavors of all cigars are very subjective to the individuals smoking them. If you loved, liked or hated any of our reviews let’s exchange ideas.

HOW?We want to offer unbiased opinions and reviews, so we acquire our cigars by personally purchasing them (most of the time) and without the manufacturer’s knowledge. That way our findings and all our printed opinions belong to

WHY?We don’t just love cigars, we are huge fans of all of things cigars! When you try to imagine the work that goes into an individual cigar and the many possible mistakes that can taint the quality of flavor and construction of that cigar. The fine art of the cigar is quite a mystery. It is said that, “from seed to smoke, a cigar will pass through over 600 hands!” Success or failure in that wonderful cigar you’re holding is in the hands of the grower, the sweater, the blender, the roller, the packer, and the tobacconist, not to mention mother-nature (meaning the weather and the soil).

Everybody has a story of how and why they started to enjoy cigars, because cigars have a higher cost, take a longer time to smoke and require a little care and handling while smoking. We at Cigar Smoke believe as others do that “Every cigar you smoke is an event”.

The blending-rolling of cigars is just like designing a fine wine. That is the major portion of the art and the magic that makes a great cigar. Flavors such as chocolate, coffee, citrus, leather, tobacco, just to name a few, can not come from just one type of tobacco leaf.

So as you have read about our love and joy of cigars. We hope you find the same joy like we do for cigars. Like fine wines, great food, family and laughter. It should be shared with the friends and fellow cigar-players out-there! Enjoy our opinions and enjoy CIGARS!

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