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Cigar Review: Sobremesa Brûlée from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Sobremesa Brûlée from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust




Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust adds to it’s portfolio with the Sobremesa Brûlée, a liga created to introduce the company to entry level smokers.

“Sobremesa Brûlée is a recreation of the milder, shade wrapped ligas of my early years.

Somewhere over the last three decades many of the classic shade cigars have become wispy, uninspiring and rather dull to my palate.

I wanted to share with others the way I remember these blonde cigars being,” states Master Blender Steve Saka.

“Also as ligador and tobacco man, I do not understand the recent trend of making strong Connecticut Shade cigars aka “not your grandfather’s cigar”.

To me this seems like an oxymoron and a fundamental lack of appreciation of the enchanting characteristics and nuances of shade grown Connecticut Seed tobaccos.

In Brûlée, I embraced this shade capa and dedicated myself to showcasing its mild, sweet and nutty nature.”




Sobremesa Brûlée on display at the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust booth at the 2019 IPCPR in Las Vegas NV.



Sobremesa Brûlée Available Sizes:

  • Brûlée Robusto: 5 1/4 x 52
  • Brûlée Toro: 6 x 52
  • Brûlée Gordo: 6 1/4 x 60





The Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade G2BW wrapper is light peanut shell in color.

Palpably smooth with a firm feel, it has visible seam and vein.

At 6 x 52 it’s rolled in the Toro format with a wide open foot and a triple wrap rounded cap.

Two bands sit on the vitola, the primary band has a crown of gold that gives the cigar an elegant old world look about it, especially on top of the lighter shade Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Along the sides are designs of ornate gold on a brown background with the DTT logo where the band meets on the back.

The secondary band circles the footer and reads “Sobremesa” in gold cursive with gold trim on a brown background.

Pre-light aroma had notes of milk chocolate, cedar and whipped malted nougat.

The cold draw produced flavors of vanilla bean, rich cedar and light creamy leather.







An aroma of cedar and clove off the toasted foot. Immediate flavors of light cedar and raw cinnamon char.

The blend settles quickly with flavors of creamy hazelnut, graham crackers, vanilla bean and whipped butter.

Light coffee and a mild cinnamon spice occupy the background keeping the Sobremesa Brûlée straight MED on strength and FULL of flavor.

Cinnamon spice continues on the retro-hale with a MILD burn through the nose with a long finish of creamy caramel and nuts.




In the second half core flavors of creamy hazelnut, graham crackers, vanilla bean and rich whipped butter are up front and on point.

The background remains consistent and complex with balanced flavors of light coffee mocha and MILD cinnamon spice.

The retro-hale continues with MED cinnamon spice through the nose with a long consistent finish of caramel and toffee.







Heading into the final third the Sobremesa Brûlée is ending up just as it started.

Core flavors of graham crackers, creamy hazelnut, vanilla bean and creamy whipped butter are up front, distinctly identifiable and on point.

The background remains consistent with coffee mocha and MED cinnamon spice.

Thus far, all aforementioned flavors have been balanced and complex throughout producing nuances of chocolate and creamy hazelnut on every draw.

The retro-hale continues with MILD cinnamon spice through the nose with a long balanced finish of caramel.




• CONSTRUCTION: Absolutely flawless construction. A firm feel and loaded with filler the vitola was silky smooth with no palpable soft spots, cracks or blemishes.


• BURN: Everyone has seen the pictures in various social media outlets, a razor sharp burn with a visible circular carbon line. Consistent combustion of wrapper, binder and filler with an even smolder throughout.


• ASH: A thick salt and pepper colored ash held and inch-plus requiring a bit of force to tap off. The ash produced a fine stack of dimes on all three examples smoked for review.


• CUT: All three examples were v-cut.


• DRAW: The draw had a perfect milkshake type resistance producing copious amounts of thick creamy white smoke with an aroma of clove.


• RE-LIGHTS: Zero.


• FIRE: Long cedar matches.


• STRENGTH: Straight MILD-MED bodied FULL on flavor.




Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust debuted two new offerings with existing lines at this years IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas NV.

Both represent a culmination of Mi Querida and Sobremesa, each respectively created to complete a comprehensive portfolio suited for entry level smokers to seasoned aficionados.

Sobremesa Brûlée fills the void, specifically created to introduce the brand to entry level smokers.

MILD to MED bodied in strength it more than made up for in flavor.

Extremely Cuban-esk it had consistent flavors of creamy hazelnut, graham cracker and whipped butter with MILD to MED doses of cinnamon spice that wasn’t to intimidating for beginners filled with enough complexity, balance and flavor to suit veteran smokers.





Cigar reviewed: Sobremesa Brûlée Toro

Cigars for review: Provided by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 94

Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Shade G2BW 

Binder: San Andreas Negro

Filler: Nicaraguan

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Joya de Nicaragua, S.A.

Blender: Sr. Steve Saka 

Production: Soft release/Regular Production

Box count: 13 Vitolas

Information source: DTT Sobremesa Brûlée press release, Steve Saka media interview

Photos by: Cigar Smoke


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