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Cigar Accessories: Screwpop tool to offer revolutionary cigar cutter – Magpulse

Screwpop tool to offer revolutionary cigar cutter – Magpulse




The latest in compact and highly functional tools, Screwpop introduces – Magpulse Cigar Cutter, a revolutionary force in cigar cutting technology.

Magpulse capitalizes on the delicate balancing of dual magnetic forces of ultra-strong neodymium rare-earth magnets, in concert with a semi-friction break, that is designed for a controlled closing of the cutter.





Simply press (and hold) the centralized trigger to experience Magpulse thrust open for the first time through “repulse” magnetic force phenomena.

Once fully deployed, Magpulse stays in the open position using magnetic “attraction” onto small metal tabs that are embedded (trigger side) in the main body.





These small metal tabs serve to anchor the cutter assembly open.

When releasing the trigger to close the Magpulse, the trigger-stem functions as a “semi friction-break”.

The break force is applied on the bottom face of the movable slider blade.





This prevents the cutter from falling closed once the attraction force is broken.

Together the repulse, attraction and semi-friction break work in harmony for a smooth and controlled premium cigar tip cut.

The stylish Magpulse cigar cutter is brought to life using the latest and best in CNC milling technology.



Magpulse Cigar Cutter Specs:

  • Blades: 440c stainless steel 58HRC Price – TBD
  • Body: 6061T6 (aerospace) Anodized Aluminum
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Size: 0.375″ x 2.125” x 2.625″
  • Price: $149.95 (will be running introductory sale $99.95)
  • Intellectual Property Status: USA Utility Patent #10,201,184 (Feb. 12, 2019)



Each cigar cutter body is milled from solid blocks of 6061T6 aero-space grade solid aluminum billets.

They are finished with durable anodization for years of use.

Each unit is sealed shut for life and cannot be reopened.

And, the magnets will only degrade less than 1 percent over 100 years.



Screwpop® Tool, LLC.
P.O. Box 1210
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Ph/Fax: (816) 600-2855


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