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Cigar News: IGNITE 2019 NEW releases and official launch dates

IGNITE 2019 NEW releases and official launch dates




May 27, 2019 Austin, Texas Memorial Day offers Southern Draw Cigars another opportunity to remember and honor our brothers and sisters who have died while serving in our United States Armed Forces.

Our Veteran Owned and Operated company is honored to share the IGNITE 2019 cigar releases benefitting the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Once again the Southern Draw Cigars family is joining our premium cigar retailers, sponsors, industry media and supportive consumers to bring awareness and to offer financial support to services that are important to our family.

Southern Draw Cigars is also proud to announce the initial launch dates of the NEW cigars as we come together to IGNITE some good.



“All valued retail partners of Southern Draw Cigars are qualified to carry the IGNITE series and can pre-order beginning today 5/27.

We won’t ship until after the June 20 and 21 official launch events.

Email me directly 

First come, first served.”





“We are honored to have Southern Draw Cigars supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation with this promotion.

As a company owned and operated by veterans, their commitment to giving back through their IGNITE program is incredible and the Navy SEAL Foundation is thrilled to be named as one of their benefitting charities for 2019”, Chris Irwin, Director of Partnerships at the Navy SEAL Foundation.


The charitable giving and event schedules for IGNITE 2019 will be led by Southern Draw Cigars family members, Harry “Phil” and Shelly Hogan U.S. Navy Retired (the namesakes of the popular cigar blend CEDRUS – THE HOGAN), and Daniel Peterson US Navy Retired, SEAL Team 1 – BUD/S Class 54.

“The Navy SEAL Foundation offers many areas of support and our family has selected two vitally important areas to focus our charitable contributions.


  1. Warrior Transition – transition from active duty service into civilian life
  2. Warrior and Family Support – providing strength, resiliency and peace of mind via family support programs,” stated Shelly Hogan.



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