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Beer Review: White Stouts Can’t Jump from Abomination Brewing

White Stouts Can’t Jump from Abomination Brewing




The name of today’s brew White Stouts Can’t Jump really takes me back.

That movie was so fascinating because no one expected the white boy (played by Woody Harrelson) could play basketball.

Invite over your friends that have never experienced the wonder of a White Stout and have a little March Madness “blind tasting.”

Astound them with this 4.08 UT-rated, masterfully made example of the style.

They’ll never predict the flavors of this brew by looking it at.

Fan’s have been applauding White Stouts Can’t Jump for the stealthy ways it disguises the big 9.6% ABV.





Amuse your friends with a blind tasting Stout bracket.

And before they taste anything, have them choose the winner based on color alone.

Just be sure to grab enough, because after tasting WSCJ it’ll be the only brew your friends will want to drink for the rest of the tournament.





A murky golden orange amber pour with a quickly receding sudsy white head.

A good amount of lacing and carbonation.

The label looks like zombified versions of Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, Totally COOL!




Aromas of chocolate, coffee, oak and fruit.

Blindfolded it’s everything associated with a dark stout, but this isn’t a dark stout its amber color is very misleading to what most of us associate with the word “Stout”.

Hmm? Psychology of a beer?



  • White Chocolate
  • Sweet/Vanilla Bean
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa Nibs
  • Honey
  • Pepper Spice/Light




The description explains it’s brewed with flaked oats, wheat, golden promise and lactose.

Fermented with an insane amount of vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and locally brewed coffee beans.

Yup, it’s all there producing a full-bodied creamy bitter mouthful with a dry spicy finish of white chocolate and sugary vanilla.


Beer reviewed: White Stouts Can’t Jump

Style: Imperial White Stout

Brewery: Abomination Brewing

ABV: 9.6%

IBU: 18

Serving style: 16oz can

Brew Score: 3.75/5

Information source: Tavour

Purchased: Tavour


Toar Campbell

Love of all things cigars, craft beer, Stouts, IPA's (any beer). Follow me on Untappd @Toar Campbell. Writer, reviewer, founder
Toar Campbell

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