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Beer Review: Imagination Atrophy Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout from Adroit Theory Brewing Company

Imagination Atrophy Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout from Adroit Theory Brewing Company




Living in Seattle, locals are what you’d call “coffee snobs.”

They take their coffee seriously.

Which is why I must keep my deep, dark, love for Caramel Macchiatos hidden in the shadows.

More like decadent dessert treats than actual coffee, it really pisses off my purist friends.

But I don’t give a flipping java!

I could drink them morning, noon, and night.

Which is why I did a little happy dance when the brewers at Virginia’s Adroit Theory crafted Imagination Atrophy Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout.





This top shelf blend of milk sugar and Brazilian pea berry coffee in a roasty 7.7% ABV Stout body tastes like it was carefully crafted by an artisan barista.

And since it’s in Dark Beer form, none of my buds will ridicule my sweet coffee tendencies!

With barely over 200 cases of this beer in existence, I’m tempted to stockpile the whole batch in my cellar to drink to my heart’s delight!

Or maybe I’ll introduce it at my next dinner party as liquefied tiramisu and even my discerning buds will swoon!

After tasting this Dessert Stout, even my coffee snob friends will be jumping on the Caramel Macchiato train.

And since Adroit Theory’s beers often sell out before they’re even released, I’m for sure grabbing some extra bottles for future cravings.



An opaque black pour with a generous spongy cinnamon khaki head.



An aroma of dark fruit, currant, coffee, raw chocolate and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla bourbon through the nose. 


Flavor Profile:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Caramel
  • Smokey Oak
  • Vanilla Cream/Lactose
  • Mildly Boozy on the back end



A hearty stout with a dark chocolaty-smokey profile.

Not overly boozy, the mild carbonation lightens for a creamy mouthfeel.

Flavors of vanilla cream, caramel and oak highlight a distinctly dry finish.


Beer Reviewed: Imagination Atrophy Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout (Ghost 722)

Style: Milk Stout

Brewery: Adroit Theory Brewing Company

Bottled On: 2/27/19  

Bottle No. 2569/3000 

ABV: 7.7%

IBU: 20

Serving Style: 22oz bottle

Brew Score: 4.0/5

Information Source: Tavour

Purchased: Tavour


Toar Campbell

Love of all things cigars, craft beer, Stouts, IPA's (any beer). Follow me on Untappd @Toar Campbell. Writer, reviewer, founder
Toar Campbell

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