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Cigar Review: Villiger La Meridiana Box Pressed Toro

Villiger La Meridiana Box Pressed Toro




The Meridiana from Villiger Cigars was conceived by Heinrich Villiger, as a way to pay tribute to some long lost Cuban cigar heritage.

Villiger La Meridiana bases its historical roots, in a long forgotten Cuban factory named “La Meridiana”.

The factory owned by Pedro Murias, was once of the largest and most well-known cigar factories, which determined the cityscape of Havana at the end of the 19th century.

Sadly, Murias was forced to sell La Meridiana factory due to unrest in Cuba during the Cuban war of Independence.

The sale went through shortly after the war ended in 1898, and just like that, Pedro Murias along with the original La Meridiana cigar factory became a fading memory.




Media packaging for the Villiger La Meridiana containing 3 Toro Box Pressed cigars.




The resurrection of “La Meridiana” came from Heinrich Villiger’s love of everything Cuban.

During his many trips to Cuba he discovered the name and rich history of the Meridiana factory, and thought to create a full-flavored cigar, beautiful and elegant enough to carry on the La Meridiana name in honor of Pedro Murias.




Available Villiger La Meridiana Sizes:

  • Robusto: 5 x 50
  • Corona: 5.5 x 42
  • Churchill: 5 7/8 x 48
  • Torpedo: 6 x 52
  • Toro (Box Pressed): 6 x 54






The Villiger La Meridiana is a Nicaraguan puro.

With a firm feel the natural wrapper is milk chocolate in color.

At 6 x 54 it’s box-pressed in the Toro format.

Smooth to the touch it has visible seam with minimal to zero tooth and vein, the vitola has a squared foot with a semi-rounded triple cap.

Two bands sit on the cigar, the primary band is colored in warm earth tones of light and rust browns with gold accents.

Above is the company’s logo crest with “VILLIGER” below in gold font.

Underneath reads “LA MERIDIANA” alternating gold and black font on a light rust brown background.

The footer band has similar earth tone colors with gold accents reading “EL MUNDO DEL TABACO” in gold font on a light rust colored background.

Pre-light aroma had notes of vanilla, cedar and dried fruit sweetness.

The cold draw produced flavors of chocolate, malt and maple.







An aroma of cedar and campfire off the toasted foot.

Immediate first light flavors of cedar char and a mild citrus zest. Settling in the blend produced flavors of rich cedar, cocoa and nougat.

The background profile is producing a fruity sweetness and creamy malt.

Early on the La Meridiana is establishing itself as very flavorful.

Warm spiced tea is keeping the vitola MED bodied and extremely balanced.

The retro-hale is producing a stream of white pepper through the nose with a long finish of cinnamon spice.




In the second half rich cedar, cocoa and nougat are up front and on point with a continued background profile of sweet dried fruit and creamy malt.

Spiced tea is balancing in with the aforementioned flavors keeping the vitola MED bodied and FULL flavored.

A consistent stream of clean white pepper on the retro-hale with a continuous finish of cinnamon spice.




Heading into the final third rich cedar, cocoa and creamy nougat have been consistent since first light with a background balance of rich dark malt and dried fruit sweetness with an appearance of rich leather.

MED spiced tea has been consistent, complex and balanced thus far producing an extra long and tasty finish.

The retro-hale has transitioned to cinnamon spice through the nose with a long and balanced finish of dried fruit.




• CONSTRUCTION: Firmly packed the box-pressed Toro had perfect construction with no palpable soft spots, cracks or blemishes. All around SOLID!


• BURN: Consistent smolder of all three components of wrapper, binder and filler. A semi-squared carbon line burned thick and sharp.


• ASH: The salt and pepper colored ash held an inch-plus without tapping off unassisted.


• CUT: V-cut was used on all three examples smoked for review.


• DRAW: Minimal resistance on the draw. Smoke output was aromatic and abundant.


• RE-LIGHTS: Zero re-lights. Smoke time was an hour and a half.


• FIRE: Long cedar matches preserved the FULL flavored profile of the La Meridiana, highly recommend.


• STRENGTH: MED bodied FULL-PLUS on flavor.




My experience with the Villiger La Meridiana was an enjoyable one.

The vitola never broke the MED-BODIED barrier but what it lacked in my preference in strength it more than made up for in flavor.

Rich cedar, cocoa and malt was up front and on point throughout all three smoking stages with a complex balance of spiced tea and dried fruit sweetness from first light to final third.





Cigar reviewed: Villiger La Meridiana Box Pressed Toro

Cigars for review: Cigars for the review were provided by Villiger Cigars

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 6 X 54 (Box Pressed Toro)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Natural

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Fabrica de Joya de Nicaragua S.A.

Box count: 10

News source: Villiger Cigars

Photos by: Cigar Smoke



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