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Cigar Review: Punch Egg Roll

Punch Egg Roll




What started out as an April Fool’s Day joke ended up as a legitimate, limited-edition release.

The Punch Egg Roll is a 4 1/2 inch by 50 ring gauge cigar with some exposed filler sticking out of the shaggy foot intended to resemble the shredded cabbage of an egg roll.

“Initially it was going to be a fake press release,” said Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for Punch cigars.

“But my sales guys told me to go with it, so I did.”

If you think that’s funny, the real punchline is delivered when you see the box, which looks like a Chinese food takeout container.

In 2016 Lost & Found had a similar looking release called “Panda Welfare” the project was also packaged in a Chinese food take-out box. 




Packaging for the Punch Egg Rolls come in 25 count Chinese food takeout containers. Inside each band is one of five fortunes like a fortune cookie.






The Connecticut Broadleaf almond in color with dark marbleized portions of the wrapper showing heavy tooth, seam and vein with a dried meat or beef jerky like texture.

Firmly packed at 4 1/2 x 50 it’s presented in the Rothschild format with a filler only shaggy foot representing the cabbage inside an egg roll and a triple rounded cap.

The band on the cigar is glossy white with red foiling of an Asian symbol and light gold accents.

Below reads “PUNCH” in red foil font, no cookie needed just turn the band over to read your fortune from Mr Punch.

The packaging represents Chinese style take out boxes depicting oriental symbols and Mr Punch with the phrase “YOUR FORTUNE LIES WITHIN” as far as the fast food themed packaging General Cigar hit a Home Run with the project especially since the cigar is more good than gimmick.

Pre-light aroma had notes of barnyard, earth, sweet tea and cedar.

The cold draw produced flavors of milk chocolate, leather spice and honey.







At first light the shaggy foot allows a taste of filler only!

Combustion produces a flavor of raw rich nuttiness sans first light char before the binder and wrapper kick in.

After the shaggy foot burns off flavors of coffee, raisins and chocolate.

The background profile is rich and nutty with balance of black pepper spice at a MED-PLUS level.

A blast of clean white pepper on the retro-hale with a finish of sweet dried fruit.




Entering the second half the Punch Egg Roll in a short duration has remained consistent with coffee, raisins, chocolate and an appearance of dark carmalized malts.

The background profile remains rich and nutty with oily walnuts, leather and an orange citrus zest.

Black pepper transitions down a bit to straight MED with a raw leather bite.

Clean white pepper remains on the retro-hale with an exit of dried fruit transitioning to a finish of rich toffee and caramel.




Heading into the final third coffee, sweet raisins, chocolate and malt are up front and on point.

Background flavors of oily walnuts and leather balance in with the aforementioned flavors.

Black pepper is keeping the Egg Roll MED-BODIED with a consistent creamy leather bite.

The retro-hale has been consistent since first light with clean white pepper evolving into a long finish of caramel.




• CONSTRUCTION: Solid construction on the Punch Egg Roll. The wrapper was loaded with tooth and vein posing no palpable soft spots, cracks or inconsistencies. Several cigars in the bundle had extensions of extra wrapper extending on the shaggy foot that posed no problems.


• BURN: A compact and solid burn with consistent combustion of wrapper, binder and filler. The shaggy foot never flaked and burned through the evolution of wrapper.


• ASH: The shaggy foot flowered and flaked a bit after lighting. Primary combustion produced a light grey ash was circular and held an inch before falling off with ease.


• CUT: V-cut was used on all three examples smoked for review.


• DRAW: The draw had slightly more resistance than preferred. Smoke output was adequate.


• RE-LIGHTS: The smaller format required zero re-lights with a consistent smolder throughout.


• FIRE: Long cedar matches.


• STRENGTH: Straight MED bodied wheelhouse.




With a strike of a match your treated to about a minute of filler only off the shaggy foot.

I enjoy this type of vitola as you get to sample some of the raw blend without combustion of the binder and wrapper.

The Punch Egg Roll has enough shaggy in the foot to appreciate and enjoy the experience until the eventual transition of the aforementioned components join in.

The smoking duration was about 45 min to an hour that started out MED-PLUS and evolved into a MED bodied offering.

Each band contains your fortune and the last one read “The fortune you seek is on another cigar” words of wisdom from Mr. Punch! Don’t mind if I do.





Cigar reviewed: Punch Egg Roll

Cigars for review: Purchased (Box)

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 92

Size: 4 1/2 x 50 (Rothschild)

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Filler: Dominican Republic, Mexican, Colombian and U.S.A

Country of origin: Honduras

Factory: General Cigar’s HATSA factory in Danlí, Honduras

Production: 3,000 Take out style boxes

Box count: 25

Information source: Cigar Aficionado

Photos by: Cigar Smoke


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