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Cigar News: Ventura Cigars Offers Holiday Ideas Worth Giving… And Receiving

Ventura Cigars Offers Holiday Ideas Worth Giving… And Receiving




December 2018 – The holidays are just around the corner… so how’s that gift list looking?

Long and daunting? Complicated and costly? Luckily, Ventura Cigar Company can ease your pre-holiday stress with some great suggestions.

Unique gift ideas that will make you the hero of the holidays. Here’s how:


Gift a Cigar or Five


There is nothing quite like a premium boutique cigar. Like a fine wine, it begs for enjoyment and conversation among friends.

It extends a happy occasion, or it can be savored in solitude.

It’s a gift fit for a discerning palate, and someone worldly enough to understand its complex nature and layers of taste.


The Fathers Friends, and Fire Cigar


A limited-edition cigar created exclusively for Ventura Cigar Company by father-daughter cigar masters, Omar and Indiana Ortez, this unique blend of tobaccos offers the experience of age and tradition mixed with a lightness of youth.

And it’s ready for holiday gifting in a 2-cigar coffin box that retails for $29.95.




The Gift of Legends: Archetype Cigars 5-pack


An exploration of character and storytelling inspired by psychologist Dr. Carl Jung and mythographer Joseph Campbell, these top-rated cigars are a journey of artfully blended tobaccos, rich flavors, and memorable smokes.

The Archetype Cigars Tasting Panel gift set includes Dreamstate, Sage Advice, Strange Passage, Initiation, and Axis Mundi, and retails for $60.





Gifts That Enable the Experience


For the gentleman of refined taste who enjoys the art of relaxation, Ventura Cigar Company recommends travel accessories that enhance the enjoyment of any journey and cigar.


The Overnighter Leather Travel Case by Tommy Bahama


Every cigar aficionado needs an Overnighter Leather Travel Case to ensure that their sticks can jet-set in style. The casesecures up to four cigars with an interior leather strap, offers additional storage, and includes a single jet flame lighter with a built-in punch and a stainless-steel cutter. This must-give gift retails for $128.





The Cigar Club Folding Ashtray by Tommy Bahama


Enjoy cigars practically anywhere in safety and style with the Cigar Club Folding Ashtray.

The well-designed interior offers a stainless-steel cigar rest that perfectly positions your cigar over the stainless-steel ashtray.

Easy-to-clean and transport, everything fits in its place and offers a sleek solution to the typically unsightly ashtray.

This handy gift retails for $78.





Whether you’re gifting cigars, cigar accessories, or both, Ventura Cigar Company has upped the ante on conventional gift-giving by offering ideas for presents that create an entire experience.

And to make gift-giving even easier, these products are readily available on the websites of your favorite online cigar retailers and at premium tobacconists nationwide.

For more information and additional gift suggestions, please visit



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