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Cigar Review: Flor de Cesar, BNB Cigars Exclusive

Flor de Cesar, BNB Cigars Exclusive




Flor de Cesar features a Brazilian wrapper with a Honduran binder and a combination of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Brazilian tobaccos in the filler.

“One of the toughest decisions when deciding to release the latest edition of Flor de Cesar was finding a boutique factory with the passion to consistently create high quality, complex cigars.

We asked ourselves what factory has created the most unique cigars on a regular basis? The answer was clear, James Brown and Oveja Negra.

Throughout the entire process, he was extremely helpful and guided us in the right direction.

From the beautiful Mata Fina wrapper to the outstanding construction, when you light up a Flor de Cesar, you’ll know why we fell in love with this blend”

said Vince Hillanbrand of BNB Cigars in a press release.



Packaging for Flor de Cesar, 20 count boxes



“BNB is a great supporter of Black Label Trading Co., Black Works Studio and Oveja Negra.

I was honored they chose Oveja Negra to do the 2018 vintage of Flor de Cesar. It was a fun project and it’s an incredible cigar”

said James Brown Owner – Operator of Oveja Negra.




Available Sizes:

  • Toro Largo: 6 1/2 x 50
  • Robusto: 5 x 48
  • Box Count: 20






The Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper is the color of ginger snap cookie with a slight marbleized carmel effect in sunlight.

Showing slight seam and tooth with visible vein. At 5 x 48 it’s rolled in the Robusto format with an unfinished footer and a triple rounded cap. Two bands sit on the cigar.

The primary band is glassy black with gold accents, in the middle is a gold skull facing left with gold leaf surrounding the logo.

The whole design looks like the Roman standard of a high ranking centurion or The Roman emperor Cesar himself complete with the Roman numerals “MMX VII”.

The band on the footer “Flor de Cesar” in gold font, gold bands round out the footer on a glossy black background.

Pre-light aroma had notes of strong black tea, chocolate and damp earth. The cold draw had slight resistance due to the unfinished foot producing flavors of oak and mild leather spice on the lips.







Mild resistance off the covered foot. Initial flavors of bitter walnut, malt and woody char.

Once the blend settles in flavors of peppered cocoa, coffee and leather. Background flavors are balanced with creamy leather and dark chocolate.

The spicy element is in the form of a mild black table pepper.

The retro is producing a light sting of wasabi evolving into flavors of chocolate.




In the second half core flavors of cocoa and coffee with creamy leather are up front and on point.

Background flavors of dark chocolate, leather, malt and coffee grounds.

Black table pepper has remained with a decreased level of strength. The white pepper on the retro has decreased to the level of MED evolving into flavors light chocolate.







In the final third toasty core flavors remain with cocoa, coffee and creamy leather.

Background flavors of dark chocolate, malt, light coffee with nuances of mocha.

The spicy element of table pepper is balancing in with a mild leather bite keeping the Flor de Cesar at a MED bodied format.

The retro has lost some of its white peppered strength morphing into a long finish of chocolate.




• CONSTRUCTION: Excellent construction was observed on all three examples smoked for review. No palpable soft spots, inconsistencies, cracks or blemishes.


• BURN: An impressive razor sharp burn producing a thick carbon line on all three components.


• ASH: The light grey ash held an inch plus producing an effect of perfectly stacked dimes.



CUT: V-cut all examples smoked for review.


• DRAW: Mild resistance due to the covered foot transitioning to wide open after 4-5 draws.


• RE LIGHTS: Zero re-lights required.


• FIRE: JetLine triple torch.


• STRENGTH: Straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse.




The Flor de Cesar produced some straight forward toasty flavors of chocolate, coffee and leather in a MEDIUM bodied format.

I spent some time speaking to Vince Hill last night and we talked about the name, BnB‘s owners name is Brian Decesare.

We also spoke about the re-introducing of old brands and the future of FDC.

James Brown of BLTC recently posted a picture in the BLTC & BLK WKS FB group of a box pressed offering commenting “ALL HAIL CESAR” could this be a future release of the “Flor de Cesar” from BnB cigars? Stay tuned and “Enjoy The Smoke.”





Cigar reviewed: Flor de Cesar BNB Cigars Exclusive

Cigars for review: Purchased (Box)

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 92

Size: 5 x 48 Robusto

Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Dominican, Brazilian, Nicaraguan

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Fabrica Oveja Negra

News source: Press release

Photo credit: Cigar Smoke


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