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Short Cuts: Viaje Stuffed Turkey 2017 (Dark Meat)

Viaje Stuffed Turkey 2017 (Dark Meat)




Happy Thanksgiving friends of the smoke! After a one year hiatus in 2016 Viaje’s Thanksgiving seasonal release of the Stuffed Turkey returned as an Edición Limitada that featured a box-pressed version of the cigars in respective white and dark meat variations.

The Stuffed Turkey made its debut in 2011 and was originally released as a part of Viajes White Label Project line, in 2014 it received its own banding and packaging in traditional white meat and dark meat variations.



Viaje Stuffed Turkey (Dark Meat) 2017-2018



Flash forward the Viaje Stuffed Turkeys have returned again this year (2018) in a 5 x 58 Robusto Gordo format in both White Meat (Criollo 98) and Dark Meat (San Andrés Maduro) wrappers.






The San Andrés Maduro wrapper is dark coffee bean in color with a lighter marbling effect. At 5 x 58 it’s Box Pressed in the Gordo format with heavy seam, tooth and vein.

It has a rounded triple cap with a square foot. Two bands sit on the 2017 Stuffed Turkey, the primary band reminds me of the killer turkey episode of South Park. Colored in earthy brown, orange and rust colors.

Below reads “STUFFED TURKEY” in white font on a rust colored background. The secondary band is silver with red accents reading “Edición Limitada” in bright red font on a silver background.

Pre-light aroma had notes of Barnyard, manure, cedar. The cold draw produced flavors of Dried fruit, leather, light chocolate. 






  • Mild char
  • Orange peel bitter
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Nougat
  • Coffee/Black
  • Cocoa bean/Bitter
  • Pepper/Black/Med
  • Pepper/White on the retro evolving into flavors of Raisins and Dried Fruit



  • Coffee/Black
  • Chocolate/Dark
  • Leather/Cream
  • Licorice/Black
  • Cedar
  • Raisin
  • Pepper/Black/Med-Plus
  • Pepper/White/Full on the retro evolving into flavors of Caramel






  • Coffee
  • Leather
  • Coffee/Light – Background
  • Nougat
  • Malt
  • Cedar
  • Leather/Mild/Cream – Background
  • Pepper/Black/Med
  • Pepper/White on the retro evolving into flavors of Coffee/Caramel




• CONSTRUCTION: The Box-Press vitola had solid construction. The marbleized dark coffee bean wrapper had zero palpable soft spots or cracks.


• BURN: Straight burn with a thick carbon line.


• ASH: The dark grey ash was solid holding an inch-plus taking the shape of the box-press Turkey.



• CUT: V-cut all 5 (2017) examples for review. Smoked throughout (2018).



• DRAW: Perfect milkshake type resistance with the a v-cut. Smoke output was abundant.



• RE LIGHTS: Zero required re-lights with a continuous smolder.


• FIRE: Triple torch JetLine.







We all love a table filled with Thanksgiving goodies, but what do we look forward to for the rest of the week? Leftovers! Truth be told a box-press is my favorite shape in a cigar and the 2017 Stuffed Turkey Edición Limitada was filled with a year of aged flavors such as coffee, chocolate, nougat and black pepper in the MEDIUM-PLUS to FULL bodied wheelhouse with a banquet of background nuances of fall flavors perfect to start the day of thanks off right. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.





Cigar reviewed: Viaje Viaje Stuffed Turkey Edición Limitada

Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 5 over the last year

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 5 x 58 Gordo (Box Pressed)

Wrapper: San Andrés Maduro

Binder: AGANORSA, Nicaragua

Filler: AGANORSA. Nicaragua

News source: Cigar Coop

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