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Cigar Review: The Last Cowboy Maduro Scala, Sinistro Cigars

The Last Cowboy Maduro Scala, Sinistro Cigars




“With over 3 decades of experience, Sinistro Cigars has traveled to the world’s most renowned cigar producing regions in search for the perfect smoke.

The attention to detail & quality can be seen & tasted in every stick. Each cigar is hand-rolled by master cigar rollers under the strict supervision of a cigar aficionado. Follow us on the road to excellence. 

Born from an undying passion for tobacco & an obsession for excellence, we are Sinistro.

A band of brothers who’s zeal & passion for fine cigars has set us on a journey around the world to unearth the finest tobaccos to create Sinistro Cigars.” – Sinistro Cigars





We spoke with James Razmig Agopian and Coleman Solomon Cappeta, they told Cigar Smoke “The blend was 2 years in the works. The artwork, I know what I wanted for the look and knew I wanted it to be an original hand drawn design.

I got with one of my designers in the Netherlands and we went to work. All finishing touches were done by my main designer.” They also said

“The blend consists of a 3-year aged Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, Mexican San Andrés binder, and Dominican Piloto Cubano filler. The Scala is Limited Edition and only available in the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, same with the Salomon.”



Available Size:

  • Scala LE Maduro: 5 1/2 x 38/60





The Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is dark coffee bean in color. At 5 1/2 x 38/60 it’s rolled in an artsy format that closely resembles a Robusto.

Called “Scala” it has an abundance of tooth, vein and seam with areas of visible vegetable glue with a large light brown colored exposed shaggy foot.

This Last Cowboy comes complete with rolled ropes in the form of candela surrounding the vitola to complete the motif.

The band is colored in off white grey with a charcoal looking portrait of a cowboy complete with beard and hat, he’s got six shooters crossed in front resting on both shoulders.

Under reads “The LAST COWBOY” and “Sinistro” in light black font. Along the sides is the Sinistro “S” in light black font on a white/grey background.

Pre-light with a heavy aroma of natural tobacco, coffee and earth off the shaggy footer.

The cold draw produced flavors of Dried fruit, sangria and cocoa. 







At first light you are treated to a minute and a half of exposed thick filler off the shaggy foot.

Immediate flavors of natural tobacco, roasted cashews and rich dark chocolate with an aroma of campfire and cedar before the binder and wrapper kick in.

With equal combustion of all three components are flavors of coffee, continued rich dark chocolate with a mild leather spice.

A light grassy note is detected from the candela rope around the Maduro wrapper with very little influence to the core flavors thus far.

MEDIUM white pepper on the retro with a long evolving flavor of cinnamon spice.




At the halfway point flavors of strong plain black tea, dark chocolate and earth.

I’m not detecting any identifiable pepper, rather the Last Cowboy has been consistently creating a natural leather spice with a balance of flavors maintaining a MEDIUM PLUS profile and complexity to the blend.

Background flavors of natural tobacco, cocoa powder with nuances of hay-grass.

The retro is producing a white pepper cinnamon evolving into flavors of caramel.







In the final third the Last Cowboy Scala has transitioned from MEDIUM-PLUS to straight MEDIUM with flavors of black tea, rich dark chocolate, earth and natural tobacco with hints of light coffee.

Background flavors of mild grassy notes and creamy leather spice. The retro has been consistent with white pepper cinnamon spice evolving into a long finish of caramel.




• CONSTRUCTION: For the most part the construction was good. At times the candela rope separated from the wrapper on one example, however it never fell off. In a league of its own, I would classify this as smoking art with zero cracks or soft spots.


• BURN: The burn line was jagged at time but always self corrected, but never really straightened. Combustion of all three components was consistent including the candela around the wrapper.


• ASH: The ash was grayish white, at times it took on the shape of the Scala holding an inch plus. The candela ropes burned with the wrapper and was visible in the design of the ash tapping off from its own weight.


• CUT: V-cut 2 examples, straight cut the remaining 2 smoked for review.


• DRAW: The draw had the preferred amount of milkshake type resistance regardless of cut producing an abundance of thick creamy white smoke.


• RE LIGHTS: Zero re-lights required with a consistent smolder of all three components plus candela wrapper, binder and filler. The shaggy footer burned consistently producing a unique natural tobacco flavor.


• FIRE: JetLine triple torch.


• STRENGTH: MEDIUM to MEDIUM-PLUS with a complex balance of flavors throughout the entire smoking duration.




I have a passion for tobacco, how’s its cultivated, grown, cured, aged, blended and finally rolled.

The Last Cowboy Maduro Scala is a true work of art. Almost abstract, the Scala is rustic looking with strips of candela accentuating the rich dark color of the Maduro wrapper with a large shaggy foot.

In the MEDIUM-PLUS to straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse.

Wanted dead or alive the last cowboy rides off into the sunset with high marks on appearance and complexity with a perfect balance of strength and a stampede of rich chocolate and natural tobacco flavor.





Cigar Reviewed: Sinistro Cigars The Last Cowboy Maduro Scala

Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 4

Cigars Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 5 1/2 x 38/60 

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Mexican San Andrés 

Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano

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