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Cigar Review: Weaselitos from RoMa Craft Tobac

Weaselitos from RoMa Craft Tobac




At the 2018 IPCPR trade show, one of the cigars I most looked forward to seeing was at the RoMa Craft booth. I affectionately call the “Mother Ship” or HQ-3. Whereas, HQ-1 being located in the states based in Austin TX, while HQ-2 the Nica Sueno factory located in Esteli Nicaragua.

RoMa Craft Tobac debuted it’s 2018 offerings at the booth: Sabertooth, Mastodon, SBC18, Craft 19, Neanderthal (European sizes) and Intemperance lines.

One of the stars of the booth was new line of half lanceros known as Weaselitos. It’s a cigar that pays homage to the thousands of Roma Craft faithful fans know as “Weasels” which RoMa Craft Tobac refers to as someone looking for a methodical way a to acquire a free cigar off someone else, usually Skip.

Weasels creed (car-pe di-em) Definition – used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.


WEASELITOS At the “Mother Ship” RoMa Craft Tobac Booth, 2018 IPCPR Las Vegas NV.



Weaselitos are 3 1/2 x 38 half lanceros – Blends and Wrapper info:


  • Weaselitos Connecticut Broadleaf (based on CroMagnon)

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan



  • Weaselitos Ecuador Habano (based on Aquataine)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan



  • Weaselitos Mexican San Andres (based on Neanderthal)

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
Binder: U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Filler: U.S. Pennsylvania Double Ligero (GR-S1), Nicaraguan Dominican Republic (Olor)



  • Brasil Matafina (based on Wunder|Lust)

Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Unknown



The cigars are offered in 100-count boxes with an open end foot and cap. All Weaselitos are produced at Fabrica de Tabacos Nica Sueno in Esteli Nicaragua. 



We spoke with Skip Martin briefly about a release date for Weaselitos he told Cigar Smoke “They are going to be released at Intertabac” with no mention of a U.S release date due to current a looming FDA regulations.





The U.S Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is dark coffee bean in color. Rustic looking with heavy tooth, vein and visible seam. Cut to the half Lancero format measuring 3 1/2 x 38 it’s open ended, without a band you could light either end if you wanted to.

One band sits on the cigar, solid white in color it reads “WEASELITOS” in thin black font. On the back is a silhouette of our beloved Weasel recognized by Degenerate Weasel faithfuls world wide, the only difference in the band is the identifying description of wrappers, in this case “US CONNECTICUT BROADLEAF” in smaller black font.





An aroma of sweet cedar and campfire off the toasted foot. After initial combustion The Weaselito hits zero to sixty almost instantly!

With no transition it explodes with flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, creamy leather and a throat punch of FULL black pepper.

Minor nuances of raw walnuts and leather on the exhale. FULL white pepper on the retro with a tapering of toffee/caramel flavors.




Entering the halfway point that took about 12 minutes of normal draws, the flavors are continual with minor effects on intensity.

Black coffee, dark chocolate and leather with a FULL compliment of black pepper.

All aforementioned flavors are core with little to no influence on the background profile. FULL white pepper on the retro with caramel.





In the final third continued flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, heavy leather and black pepper.

Little to no difference in background profile other than a long finish of creamy leather with a mixture of roasted nuts.

The retro has maintained its FULL compliment of white pepper with an assault on the nasal passages evolving into flavors of caramel. Smoking time was about 20-25 minuets.




• CONSTRUCTION: Construction was solid! The Weaselitos was rustic looking, some not cylindrical and oddly cut it fell into the category of “It is what it is” beautiful in an ugly kind of way, a perfect 10 for the purpose it serves.


• BURN: Straight all the way to the nub.


• ASH: Dark grey in color, it was loose and fell where it wanted so beware. Your not winning a long ash contest with the Weaselito so don’t enter.


• CUT: Already cut.


• DRAW: Ultra wide open allowing you to get right into it, loads of signature RoMa Craft flavors in an enjoyable 20 min format.


• RE LIGHTS: Zero! The only re-light you’ll need is torching another one!


• FIRE: JetLine triple torch grenade.


• STRENGTH: Straight FULL from first light to final third.




I’ve spent a lot of my adult life enjoying premium cigars and in that time I’ve never tagged a cigar that just flat out “Makes Sense”. Weaselitos falls right into that category.

Fall is upon us and with that comes colder weather into the eventuality of Winter. Colder conditions prevents us from sitting out doors enjoying our premium stogies for long periods of time, enter Weaselitos, a 20-25 min smoke that lets you enjoy without getting frost bite! Therefore, it “Makes Sense”.

It is my personal opinion that cigars are not addictive, we all smoke for different reasons. Weaselitos gives you the pleasure when time is short and you don’t want to re-light something you payed through the roof for or even worse, waste! Unfortunately due to current and looming FDA regulations our beloved half Lancero’s are heading to Europe, however this semi rant has a silver lining with a light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe the Weaselitos will go the way of Wunder|Lust and eventually finding its way back home. I remember when W|L were hard to aquire, and even though you still can’t walk into your local U.S Brick & Mortar to purchase the cigars they have become relatively easy to find with European shops recognizing the demand and shipping to the U.S market.

Presenting in 100 count boxes, “Makes Sense” The Weaselitos can be enjoyed anytime when time permits, out of the gate like a race horse there is zero to little transition time and because it is open-ended, so no need for a cutter.

Public service announcement stop cutting your H-Town lanceros in half it’s sacreligious, each 100-count box contains an even number of the upper and lower halves of split lanceros preserving the length of your Neanderthal OM’s for time permitting enjoyment. 

I had a blast smoking these and have more to enjoy, sadly when there gone there gone so, I am currently labeling these as smoke sparingly with hopes of future relabeling as smoke regularly. 


Cigar reviewed: RoMa Craft Weaselito US CONNECTICUT BROADLEAF

Cigars for review: Weaseled

Cigars smoked for review: 5

Cigar Smoke Rate: 94 

Size: 3 1/2 x 38 Half Lancero

Wrapper: US Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Cameroon

Filler: Nicaragua

Factory: Nica Sueno, Esteli Nicaragua

Photo Credit: Cigar Smoke

News source: Cigar Coop

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