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Cigar Review: Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018 From Crowned Heads

Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018 From Crowned Heads




The Crowned Heads Luminosa blend is comprised of aged Central American tobaccos wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper.  

The limited Edition size offering, the Luminosa Gigante is a 6 x 60 Gordo which will be a one-time limited release by Crowned Heads.

The Luminosa is a mild-medium bodied cigar that was blended to be a cigar that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. The Luminosa Line is part of Crowned Heads regular production Ecuadorian Connecticut shade offerings.

The line is made at Tabacalera La Alianza, the factory owned by Ernesto Perez Carrillo Jr. – a blender known for his large ring gauge cigars. The Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018 will be available in 12 count boxes (2,000) with a total production of 24,000 cigars. 


Luminosa at the CROWNED HEADS Booth – 2018 IPCPR Las Vegas NV.



We talked to Jon Huber via E-Mail, he told Cigar Smoke “Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018 is more of a ‘market-response’ project for us, as opposed to something that is near and dear to my heart.

By that I mean that it is no secret that I’m not a ‘big ring gauge’ enthusiast, having gone on record as actually stating we would ‘NEVER do a 60RG’ cigar, which is why I jokingly referred to this as our ‘Hell froze over’ release (taking a page from Don Henley’s response to when the Eagles would tour again).”

Huber also said ” Having said that, our National Sales Manager, Miguel Schoedel, has been on me since day one saying that we need to release a 60RG cigar, as he felt there was a tremendous demand for that vitola. Ultimately, this LE was my compromise towards that demand.”



Available sizes of Luminosa: 

  • Gigantes LE 2018: 6 x 60
  • Petite Corona: 4 1/2 x 42
  • Robusto: 5 x 50
  • Toro: 6 1/2 x 52
  • Churchill: 7 x 48




Crowned Heads adds to their portfolio with a larger ring gauge offering, the Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018.
The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is medium butterscotch brown in color with one example having small splotches of green.
At 6 x 60 it’s rolled in the Gordo format with notable tooth, seam and vein, it’s got a rounded triple cap with a wide open foot. Two bands sit on the vitola, the primary band is Sunkist Orange with brown and copper accents. The design reminds me of the Mayan Calendar minus the intricate designs and Demi god.
The name of the vitola “LUMINOSA” is on the front of the label in gold and brown accents in straight block font. The secondary band is gold with black accents. In the middle reads “Limited Edition 2018” in gold font on a solid black background.
Pre-light aroma had notes of barnyard cedar, hay and vanilla. The cold draw produced flavors of leather, dried fruit sweetness and coffee grounds.






An aroma of woody campfire chips off the toasted foot. Initial flavors of char and bitter leather with nuances of burnt honey. Once combustion is consistent, flavors of creamy leather, buttered toast and plain Cheerios.

If you’ve even eaten Cheerios out of a zip lock bag sans milk you’ll understand. Notoriously Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers seem to have that effect on my palate, and it’s really the only taste indicator I can associate it with.

Background flavors are mild and sweet in nature, light coffee, milk chocolate, brown sugar and raw cinnamon are giving the Luminosa Gigantes a ginger snap spice. I’ve been retro-hailing since first light and it’s really enhancing the experience, clean white pepper with a long cinnamon spice finish.




At the halfway point up front flavors of creamy leather, plain buttered toast (on the browner side), plain Cheerios and nutmeg spice. Background flavors of raw cinnamon char and roasted nuts.

The spicy element is coming from the aforementioned raw cinnamon with a mild spicy pepper ginger snap effect, extremely balanced keeping the Luminosa LE MEDIUM bodied and FULL flavored.

Retro for days with clean white pepper evolving into distinct flavors of cinnamon and caramel.





In the final third flavors of creamy leather, whipped butter and nutmeg spice, similar to ginger snap have intensified. Background flavors of mild coffee, assorted roasted nuts and charred cinnamon.

I’ve been retro-hailing after every draw and it’s enhanced the experience significantly! Clean white pepper evolving into a myriad of caramel flavors producing a long and complex balanced finish.




• CONSTRUCTION: For the size of the cigar the Luminosa LE did extremely well. The thin Connecticut wrapper had zero cracks. The whole thing was softer than I like but posed no issues. One of the vitolas I noticed a few small green blotches similar to a Partagas D4, it didn’t effect the taste whatsoever.


• BURN: The cigar produced an extra thick visible carbon line. The burn wasn’t straight on three examples, but never to jagged of canoed. The last example smoked for review was razor sharp throughout the smoking duration.


• ASH: The dark grayish ash held to about an inch and fell unassisted. The last example (see cruise control pic) was compact and straight producing a stack of quarters, eventually breaking off from it’s own weight.


• CUT: Straight cut all 4 examples.


• DRAW: Wide open with zero to little resistance.


• RE LIGHTS: All examples required a few re-lights, not unique to cigars of a larger RG.


• FIRE: JetLine triple jet torch.


• STRENGTH: Solid MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse FULL flavored cigar.




The Luminosa Gigantes LE started off with two strikes before it was even lit. I agree with Jon Huber, owner of the brand, I’m not so much for larger ring gauge cigars and I find Connecticut wrappers to be prosaic in nature.

However, keeping with the Baseball theme, the cigar was a HOME RUN! MEDIUM bodied and FULL of flavor. I reviewed the Luminosa Robusto in Dec of 2016, I reported it as no more than a morning offering as it paired extremely well with coffee.

It’s big brother, the Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018 will pair with everything from morning coffee to evening libations, or even solo.

I enjoy cigars on the FULL PLUS side of the spectrum, the Luminosa LE, although MED bodied, was FULL enough on flavor to keep me interested and in my regular smoking rotation.


Cigar reviewed: Crowned Heads Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018

Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 4

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 6 x 60 (Gordo)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut 

Binder: Unknown

Filler: Unknown

Factory: Tabacalera La Alianza

Blender: E.P Carrillo

Production: 2,000 Boxes containing 12 cigars. 24,000 cigars total

News Source: Cigar Coop

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