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Cigar News: Davidoff Cigars enlists Danish artist, Hanne Enemark, to create its new Masterpiece Humidor “Elements”

Davidoff Cigars enlists Danish artist, Hanne Enemark, to create its new Masterpiece Humidor “Elements”





Basel, August 2018. Zino Davidoff’s restless pursuit of new tobaccos and blends has proven to be the inspiration for everything achieved over the last five decades.

In continuing the pioneering spirit of its founder, Davidoff has enlisted Danish artist, Hanne Enemark, to collaborate on its latest humidor design.



This partnership reflects the brand’s ambition of achieving the highest craftsmanship and innovation, as well as its expertise, which are imperative to craft a unique humidor.

“Building on Davidoff’s pioneering spirit, this Masterpiece “Elements” breaks humidor design codes with its sleek architecture, and unprecedented construction.

The challenge was to find an artist who was able to complement the impactful/unique/ humidor design without overpowering it and Hanne Enemark rose to the task with her artistry.



It is an outstanding achievement to see how her creative work highlights our craftsmanship,” said Edward Simon, Head of Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.



Hanne Enemark’s trinity of striking designs was inspired by the organic aspect of Davidoff’s cigar crafting.

Her imagination was sparked by the way the stems of the leaves are removed, dividing the wrapper leaves in two.

This is reflected in the crack that snakes strikingly along the glass surface of the humidor.



It took incredible precision to forge something that appears so accidental. She did indeed spend a long time perfecting the imperfection.

She then applied the element of luxury, gold.

As she says, “the gold highlights the beauty of imperfection.”



The round cigar “fingerprint” is the “autograph” of Hanne’s very first cigar, enjoyed at the Davidoff Flagship Store in Geneva, Switzerland, captured, preserved and then rendered in exquisite gold relief.

Fascinated by how the cigars are expertly hand rolled, it was natural for her to reflect this moment of cigar enjoyment in her artwork.



The cigar fingerprints are present in the form of a 24-carat gold decal on the glass artwork as well as gold plated brass pieces inlayed in the walnut wood of the humidor.

They are the bridge between the elements, glass and wood. The way the glass and wood is layered to create the ‘architecture’ of the humidor, mirrors the layers of a cigar.

Natural elements that bond together to create visual layers in the same way a cigar delivers layers of experience.



Exclusive Masterpiece The Masterpiece Humidor Elements is a numbered and limited edition, each piece is unique. Only five humidors, each of them including 50 exclusive Davidoff Double Corona 50 Years cigars (except in the USA), are available worldwide as of September 2018.

Taste Experience – Davidoff Double Corona 50 Years Edition The overall taste experience is elegant, sophisticated and balanced.

The chosen tobaccos are very rare and exclusive and the double corona shape enhances the beautiful notes of wood and cacao as well as the floral notes.

The cigar is blended to stimulate a creamy and intense experience supported by the ring gauge and length.


Blend Profile:

  • Wrapper: “Habano” from Ecuador
  • Binder: Olor Seco from the Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Ligero, Hybrid Corojo/Olor Ligero and San Vicente Visus tobaccos from the Dominican Republic
  • Format: Double Corona Dimension: RG 50 x 7 ½ “ 2.0 cm x 19.0 cm

About Hanne Enemark Hanne Enemark is a Danish glass artist based in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in London where she is regularly a guest lecturer.

Her work regularly features in magazines such as Elle Decoration,Wallpaper magazine and Financial Times and is exhibited internationally.

It can be found in private collections in Denmark, UK, Spain, France, Monaco and the USA.

Media contact:

Oettinger Davidoff AG Melanie Büscher Sr. Manager Media Relations & PR Nauenstrasse 73 Postfach · 4002 Basel · Switzerland T +41 58 219 36 24 · F +41 79 138 46 30 ·

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