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Cigar Review: Moon Garden From Warped Cigars

Moon Garden From Warped Cigars




Warped Cigars is taking a rare Nicaraguan tobacco and blending it into a lancero. Recently the company launched the “Moon Garden”, a long and slender smoke blended with the rare quantitied medio tiempo leaf.

Moon Garden made it’s official debut at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers trade show in Las Vegas NV this summer.

Medio tiempo is a small, powerful type of tobacco leaf that grows infrequently on tobacco plants above the ligero priming. Not to be confused with the regular corona leaves found atop every plant, medio tiempo is quite rare, and is prized for its power and intense smoking characteristics.

These small leaves, cherished by tobacco growers for its rich flavor, are rarely seen on a tobacco plant. If they do appear, the complex leaves grow at the very top where they receive more light than any other part of the plant.

Gellis is no stranger to medio tiempo, used in the Maestro del Tiempo 6102R and Flor Del Valle Sky Flower, this is the first time Warped has put it into a lancero.

According to Gellis, the challenge was blending such a potentially overpowering tobacco in such a thin format and maintaining balance.

Kyle Gellis told Cigar Aficionado “If you are familiar with medio tiempo, you know how it burns and the body it has, the opulent flavors, and its blend dominance.

We started from scratch and built the blend specifically for the vitola.”


Box art for the Warped Moon Garden



The band artwork for Moon Garden is currently in production, and Gellis said the box artwork for Moon Garden is inspired by Japanese watercolor pieces. 

“Much like the artwork with its dark colors and splashes of bright notes, the blend is similar in its profile,” Gellis said.

“A lot of dark fruit, bright florals, and a touch of wonderment. The artwork is a direct expression of the overall blend.” – Cigar Aficionado



  • Size: 7 x 40 Lancero




The cigar has the appearance of lightly colored leather like that of a walnut shell. The Warped Moon Garden evokes thoughts of mystic places illuminated by a full moon and seriously brings out my inner hippy.

A place seemingly untouched by human hands with crickets chirping or a frog leaping silently from a lily pad to catch a evening meal.

What does this have to do with a cigar? Absolutely nothing! But the name alone triggers the pshycology of a cigar. Kyle Gellis, owner of the brand who’s dazzled us with with creations like Sky Flower and Black Honey, these creative names that trigger sensors in the brain that closely bring us into the realm between fantasy and reality.





Measuring 7 x 40 the Moon Garden is rolled in the Lancero format. The vitola has notable tooth, seam and vein with a wide open circular foot and a triple rounded cap.

The Moon Garden has one band brightly colored in teal with intricate art work, it has the initials “KG” in yellow font surrounded by circular colors of black and purple. Along the sides read “WARPED” in solid black font on a teal background.

Pre light aroma has notes of chocolate, light cream and cedar. The cold draw produced flavors of caramel, leather and muted chocolate.






Upon first light an aroma of cedar and chocolate off the toasted foot. Once ignited an immediate flavor of sassafras and white pepper are hitting the back and upper portions of the palate with a heavy dose of creamy leather on the aftertaste.

If you are familiar with medo tiempo the burning characteristics and flavor profile of the Moon Garden are spot on. Settling in with flavors of milk chocolate and toffee with creamy nuances of leather.

The spicy element is in the form of FULL white pepper notable on all areas of the palate with a throat punch of spice. The retro continues its assault of FULL clean white pepper through the nose evolving into flavors of caramel similar to cracker jacks.




Entering the half way point the Moon Garden has been like a race horse right out of the gate from first light with a complexity of flavors like milk chocolate, nutmeg, charred cinnamon and toffee.

The core flavors dominate anything identifiable in the background. FULL white pepper is providing the spicy element hitting all olfactory areas notable in the throat area and upper portions of the palate.

The retro hasn’t lost a bit of strength with clean white pepper through the nose evolving into a flavors of caramel and chocolate.





In the final portion the Warped Moon Garden mellows on intensity without losing any of its core flavors of milk chocolate, nutmeg cinnamon and toffee.

Background flavors appear with light coffee, creamy leather and nuances of floral. The spicy element has morphed into MED white pepper with an identifiable leather bite.

The retro has decreased its assault on the nostrils with a pleasant clean white pepper producing flavors of caramel and milk chocolate on the long and complex finish.




• CONSTRUCTION: SOLID! No palpable soft spots or inconsistencies on the cigar. Heavy seam added a bit of rough and rustic appearance to the vitola.


• BURN: Minor uneven burn line on one of the cigars smoked for review, self correcting in the final third.


• ASH: Loose and never really compact, flowering at times never holding longer than an inch.


• CUT: V CUT with a XIKAR VX metal v cut.


• DRAW: Wide open milkshake type straw resistance typical of a Lancero format.


• RE LIGHTS: Some required in the final thirds of all cigars smoked for review. Longer in between draws compiling notes and media factored in. Not unique to the Moon Garden or other Lancero’s, smaller formats tend to have combustion issues from my own personal experiences.


FIRE: JetLine Grenade triple torch lighter.


• STRENGTH: FULL bodied.




Medio Tiempo has a very unique and complex taste. In such a small format, the Moon Garden had an intensified bite that made for a very enjoyable, complex and balanced cigar though out all 3 smoking stages.

If Medio Tiempo is so rare, is it possible to isolate the leaf and generate seeds to produce a MT tobacco plant? Or is the rarity of the leaf itself the reason for its unique, complex and diverse flavor profile? 

It makes you wonder if mass producing something so rare would lessen the quality of its character and or taste profile to the blend? The Moon Garden was a home run! Brilliantly, blended, balanced and definitely box worthy.



Cigar reviewed: Warped Moon Garden

Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 96

Size: 7 x 40 Lancero

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99

Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99

Filler: Nicaraguan

Country of Origin: Nicaragua (TABSA)

Additional box art media: Warped Cigars

News source: Cigar Aficionado , Cigar Coop  



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