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Cigar Review: CEDRUS “THE HOGAN” From Southern Draw Cigars

CEDRUS “THE HOGAN” From Southern Draw Cigars




We continue the Southern Draw Cigars tradition of sharing our faith, embracing the flora around us and by offering tribute to those people that have most inspired our family, through the branding of our cigars.

Originating from one of our “stealth blends” CEDRUS has been five years in the making and will initially be available in a box pressed Belicoso Fino 5.5 x 52, a special size known as “THE HOGAN”. 

A cigars ability to be different things to different people – and to be – in effect, the cornerstone of a tribute – was the starting point for the fifth core blend from Southern Draw Cigars.



CEDRUS “THE HOGAN” Southern Draw Cigars Booth 2018 IPCPR Las Vegas NV



CEDRUS – THE HOGAN, the origin of the name:


  • Faith: The Latin name is Cedrus libani or Lebanese Cedar trees were highly sought after for ancient woodworking. The woods high quality, pleasant scent and firmness made it a popular building material for Holy temples, palaces and sailing vessels. Cedars popularity endures today as it is the most utilized wood in the premium cigar industry and the image of the CEDRUS tree serves as the biblical inspiration for our brand art.



  • Flora: Western Red Cedar known as “the Hogan”, native to the Pacific United States, growing to 200’ tall and living up to 1,000+ years, this tree demonstrates the firm, reliable and beautiful characteristics of cedar. Our bridge to an ancient symbol and a wood that has proven valuable through the ages.



  • People: We offer tribute to Phil and Shelly Hogan, a relationship that began in 1996, a friendship turned “closer than family”. Their love and support of Southern Draw Cigars began in 2014 when they rallied family and friends to support our mission even in the face of uncertain risk. Their contributions have been as steadfast and enduring as the cedar tree even as they have humbly remained in the shadows of our early successes. 


Phil Hogan, U.S. Navy Retired, is the most honorable and accountable guy we know and someone who we could only aspire to be like and Shelly, has been a tireless supporter of all things we do, a helping hand of 20 years that has quietly contributed much to SDC’s early success.

The gracious and generous Hogan’s will now be celebrated with their own incomparable hand crafted cigar.

We offer you an opportunity to get to know them during IPCPR 2018, they will be available to share their stories of military service, international travel and a limited amount of their new cigar.





The CEDRUS is coffee bean in color. Rolled in the Belicoso Fino format and known as, THE HOGAN” it measures 5.5 x 52. The vitola is boxed pressed and is clearly identifiable at the square foot, the cap tapers into a perfecto.

Solid to the feel, the cigar has minimal to no tooth with some visible seam. Two bands sit on the cigar. The primary band bares the company’s name, “SOUTHERN DRAW,” in solid beige font, along the sides read, “AGED,” and “HAND MADE.”The bottom of the band reads, “SOLIDEO GLORIA”.

Gold accents add to the striking band colored in hunter green. The secondary band reads, “CEDRUS,” in all aforementioned colors. Pre-light aroma had notes of hay and barnyard cedar. The cold draw produced flavors of earth, wood and leather.





An aroma of chocolate and mild campfire off the toasted foot. After initial ignition flavors off mild char and bitter dark chocolate. Once the blend settles in flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, earth and cedar appear.

The spicy element is in the form of charred cinnamon spice, with a mild creamy leather bite. The retro is producing clean white pepper at a MED level through the nose for a long finish.




Entering cruise control burn are core flavors of French roast coffee, cedar, dark chocolate and creamy leather with nuances of nutmeg. Background flavors of ginger, and clove.

Brown cinnamon spice similar to that of ginger snap found in cookies without the sweetness appear, distinctly identifiable creating a warm complex Fall holiday spicy element balancing in with the blend.

The retro is producing clean white pepper with the intensity of MED creating a long semi sweet and spicy finish.







Heading into the final third are all aforementioned core flavors of rich coffee, dark chocolate, cedar and clove are up front and consistent. Background flavors of creamy leather and nutmeg are giving the CEDRUS a complex component to the vitola.

The spicy element is in the form of brown cinnamon char and ginger snap spice keeping the cigar in the wheelhouse of medium bodied.

The retro has increased slightly producing clean white pepper through the nose for a long semi sweet and spicy finish notable on the lips and palate in between draws.




• CONSTRUCTION: Solid construction on the CEDRUS. On the third example smoked for review I experienced a minor crack at the cap or point when cutting. My favorite shape is a box press but always have trouble cutting a torpedo.


• BURN: The third cigar smoked for review burned faster in one side, but self corrected in the second half. No issues with the first two cigars, razor sharp.


• ASH: Thick grayish white ash, compact resembling the shape of the format of boxed. Holding past the inch point, tapping with ease.


• CUT: Straight cut all cigars smoked for review, cut with a Xikar XO double guillotine cutter.


• DRAW: Wide open with zero to little resistance.




• FIRE: Triple flame Jet Line torch.


• STRENGTH: Straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse.




I love cigars with a story and this is a big one! At Cigar Smoke we have the highest amount of respect and admiration for our men and women of the military. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting the Hogan’s at this years IPCPR in Las Vegas NV, although I missed the official launch ceremony of the CEDRUS due to time restraints, the spirit of the event at the Southern Draw booth was felt throughout the remainder of the day, on into the next afternoon for the launching of 300 Hands.

What Robert and Sharon do for organizations like, Cigars for Warriors with the “IGNITE SOME GOOD” program can’t be measured in terms of words, to give oneself in the name of charity is one of the highest callings a person can do and we honor them for that. CEDRUS, “THE HOGAN”, was a big stand out for me and IMO one of the best cigars I smoked at the show.

In the straight MED bodied wheelhouse it had a myriad of flavors, most notable was the brown cinnamon spicy element that can only be equated to some of the things we all enjoy around the FALL season. Balanced, complex and full of flavor this is going to be in my weekly smoking rotation, paired with everything from evening libations to morning coffee. Highly recommended.


Cigars smoked for review: Southern Draw Media Kit

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 95

Size: 5.5 x 52 Belicoso Fino

Wrapper: Besuki, Sumatra

Binder: Habano 2000, Nicaragua

Filler: Piloto Cubano, D.R., Criollo 98, Corojo 99, Nicaragua

Factory: Tabacalera Fernandez

Blender: Robert Holt

Release date: July 2018, 5,000 Boxes

News source: Southern Draw Cedrus Press release


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