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Cigar Review: Viaje White Label Project Lemons to Lemonade

Viaje White Label Project Lemons to Lemonade




VIAJE WLP LEMONS TO LEMONADE – What do you do when things aren’t going quite as planned? You turn a negative into a positive. Such was the case when the original wrapper for this project just wouldn’t cooperate.

We switched to San Andres and what a pleasant surprise. Not only was production finished on time, it was better than the original. So when life gives you lemons, well, you know the rest. viajecigarcompany IG



What is the White Label Project? WLP serves many functions. WLP is the vehicle by which we will release experimental blends, shapes, mash ups, factory errors, etc.

Cigar making is a creative process. Most consumers walk into a humidor and see the final product unaware of the countless hours that went into what they see on the shelf. Some cigars come together quickly while others take many months or even years. 

White Label Project embraces the factory faux paux. WLP brings the consumer behind the scenes to try cigars that would normally never make it to market. It’s a side to the cigar industry most never get a chance to see.


Viaje White Label Project Releases:


  • WLP: OR – January 2011
  • WLP: St. Patrick’s – March 2011
  • WLP: Fifty Fifty Red – June 2011
  • WLP: Stuffed Turkey – November 2011
  • WLP: Winter Classic – February 2012
  • WLP: St. Patrick’s – March 2012
  • WLP: Stuffed Turkey White Meat – December 2012
  • WLP: Stuffed Turkey Dark Meat – December 2012
  • WLP: St. Patrick’s – March 2013
  • WLP: Super Super Shot 12 Gauge – May 2013 
  • WLP: Stuffed Turkey White Meat – October 2013 
  • WLP: Stuffed Turkey Dark Meat – October 2013
  • WLP: PL TB#7 – August 2014
  • WLP: Birthday Blend – August 2016
  • WLP: Viaje and EPC Pina (Pineapple) – June 2017
  • WLP: Lemons to Lemonade Part 1 and Part 2 – August 2018





The Vitola has an appearance of a soft box pressed cigar. Coffee bean in color it’s smooth to the touch with several examples showing minimal tooth and vein with visual seam.

There are two offerings in this years WLP release, “Part 1” is a 5 x 52 Robusto with “Part 2” being a 6 x 52 Toro.

Both offerings come in a 20 count newspaper wrapped bundle, both of the Viaje WLP cigars have a semi square wide open foot with rounded cap. 


Examples of the 2018 Viaje WLP Lemons to Lemonade (Left Part 2) 6 x 52 Toro (Right Part 1) 5 x 52 Robusto



Anyone familiar with Viaje and the “White Label Project” can easily identify the band colored in white with “VIAJE” in black with Spanish looking font in between 2 black lines.

Pre light aroma had notes of chocolate and coffee. The cold draw produced flavors of cocoa bean, dried fruit and a hint of caramel.






An aroma of chocolate and woody cedar notes off the toasted foot. At first light initial flavors of mild char and light black pepper. The blend settles in with flavors of rich coffee, raw walnuts, cedar with a background note of mild citrus or cardamom spice.

The spicy element is in the form of mild to medium black pepper balancing in with all aforementioned flavors. The retro is producing clean white pepper through the nose evolving into flavors of caramel.




Entering cruise control burn the blends core flavors of rich coffee, cedar, roasted walnuts and creamy leather. Background flavors consist of a zesty citrus orange peel similar to cardamom. Apparently Lemons to Lemonade was a perfect name for this years WLP.

The spicy element of black pepper is present but notably tapered off into more of a mild offering. At the half way point I started to retrohale more frequently.

The white pepper through the nose is hitting all olfactory receptors evolving into a balanced sweet flavor of caramel and dried fruit for a long and tasty finish.

David “Doc” Diaz gives a great explanation of *Retrohailing and it’s importance and impact on flavors for cigar smokers. SEE LINK





In the final third the Viaje WLP Lemons to Lemonade has remained extremely consistent and balanced. Identifiable core flavors of rich dark roast coffee, cedar and assorted roasted nuts, most notable roasted walnuts are still present.  

Background flavors have tapered slightly losing a bit of the nuances of cardamom zest and turning into a straight flavor of earth and leather. Black pepper decreased in cruise control and remained consistent at a MED level in the final third.

I’m enjoying the retro and have been consistently doing it since the second half on every draw! It’s producing FULL clean white pepper evolving into sweet flavors of caramel and light chocolate creating a long sweet and spicy finish.




CONSTRUCTION: Flawless! Box pressed, well packed and solid. I dropped the last two cigars smoked for review, on accident of course, not a crack or even a dent! A+ on construction.


BURN: Razor sharp with a thick black carbon line.


ASH: Whitish grey and compact producing a stack of nickels effect, would have held 2 inches plus had I let it burn, tapped off with ease.


CUT: Straight cut all 3 cigars smoked for review.


DRAW: Perfect milkshake type resistance producing a ton of aroma filled smoke.




FIRE: Triple flamed Jet Line torch.


STRENGTH: Straight MEDIUM bodied and FULL on flavor.





The Viaje WLP is explained as a lab or science experiment gone wrong! Although the origin of the releases are explained as such, Lemons to Lemonade is hardly that.

Interesting enough the last two cigars smoked for review produced a citrus zest similar to cardamom in the background of the core flavors. Last year, I smoked and reviewed the WLP Pina (Pineapple) and it didn’t taste like Pineapple?

You can’t help but love the names. This years WLP was a very well balanced and perfectly constructed cigar! MED bodied, it was balanced and FULL of flavor! Lab experiment gone wrong? I don’t think so, the small batch one and done science experiment was on the mark extremely well done.



Cigar Reviewed: Viaje White Label Project Part 1

Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 5 x 52 Robusto

Wrapper: San Andres Maduro

Binder: Unknown

Filler: Unknown

News Source: Cigar Coop, Viaje Cigar Co, David “Doc” Diaz

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