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Tenacious Beast Cigar Box Guitars and Ashtrays

Tenacious Beast Cigar Box Guitars and Ashtrays




Being active on social media you get to meet and interact with some pretty interesting people, especially in some of the various cigar groups I belong to, created by everyday smokers and some by the manufacturers themselves.

I’m part of the Dojo Nation, been called a Degenerate Weasel and a Black Sheep just to name a few. It’s a great way to stay updated on new releases and interact with people from all over the world coming together for one common denominator, cigars. 

One of the pages I frequent is Anthony Crociata’s Tenacious Beast Cigar Box Guitars and Ashtrays. I was instantly intrigued with the art he was creating with empty cigar boxes! I was hooked, immediately I purchased one of his pieces and only a week later made a second purchase. 



We have been speaking regularly via FB messenger so I decided to highlight some of his work on Cigar Smoke, He told us “The ashtrays came about, sort of, by accident.

Art has always been a form of therapy for me. I started out making cigar box guitars. Still do on occasion. I had no heat in my shop and northern Ohio winters can be brutal.

I needed something creative to do that would keep me busy during the colder months.

I had a few boxes lying around that were to small for guitars so I decided to make myself an ashtray from one.

It was an Oveja Negra Governor box and I love James Brown’s artwork (including his cigars). It turned out great so I posted it in one of the cigar groups, someone saw it and offered to buy it.

So I sold it and made myself another one from a different BLTC box, I think it was a morphine. Someone in Texas saw it and bought it for her husband – It was the first cigar he ever smoked. I realized there was something to it.



I really enjoy the artistic aspect of it, no two I build are alike, and there are people out there who appreciate what I do. They get something unique that they can put on display and use and I get to keep creating functional art.

It surprises me! I have several people out there who collect my ashtrays as functional art. The guy that bought the first one has, I think seven now.

I’ve made a lot of good friends in the cigar community, a few came to my aid and sent me boxes to keep me going when I ran out of what I had collected myself.



The name comes from my kids. I’ve been through some rough patches and I’m still here, they call me a Tenacious Beast. I thought that was perfect”.

“I want to stress that I am an artist and my stuff is limited because I make each one myself by hand – I don’t produce ashtrays – I create functional art”. 


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