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Cigar Review: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sin Compromiso (Prerelease)

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sin Compromiso (Prerelease)




Sin Compromiso is the result of experimental black tobacco harvests in Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua and the culmination of my experiences as a cigar blender,” states the founder and Master Ligador, Steve Saka. 

“The marquee’s name translates to ‘no compromise’ and that is the exact approach I took when creating this cigar.

This blend is a direct reflection of all the skills I have learned and developed over the last twenty plus years and I am genuinely excited to share it with my fellow cigar smokers.”



Sin Compromiso on display at the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Booth, 2018 IPCPR Las Vegas NV.




“Sin Compromiso is a truly unique, complex cigar that is simultaneously smooth, yet strong.

It delivers a captivating and entrancing smoke for the experienced palate with flavors that are constantly swirling and changing from puff to puff. 

I spent over three years meticulously crafting and tweaking this blend and I can say without reservation it is personally my very best liga ever bar none. I have never experienced such an intriguing and satisfying smoke.” – Steve Saka




  • Selección No. 2 Torpedo (6×52)
  • Selección No. 5 Parejo (6×54)
  • Selección No. 7 Parejo (7×56)
  • Selección “Intrépido” (5.63 x 46)
  • Selección “Espada Estoque” (7×44)
  • The MSRP will range from $15.95 to $18.45 USD per puro



We sat with Steve at the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust booth at this years trade show in Las Vegas, we talked about the upcoming release of Sin Compromiso, he told Cigar Smoke “Over three years of work was dedicated to creating Sin Compromiso.

Of the six tobaccos included in this liga, five of them were grown exclusively for this blend.

It was important to me for the marca of “Without Compromise” to be more than just a clever brand name, the cigar had to live up to its moniker – it had to be beyond a great cigar, it had to be an exceptional cigar, one that I could honestly proclaim as one of the best cigars I have ever smoked.

That is a pretty high hurdle given I have enjoyed well over 75,000 handmade cigars over the last 30 years.”






The San Andrés Negro wrapper, or what Steve likes to call “Cultivo Tonto” is silky dark chocolate brown in color with minor seam, minimal tooth and vein.

Rolled in the 5 x 50 format it’s gently soft pressed and sleeved in Spanish cedar. On the cedar sleeve reads “Sin Compromiso” in hunter green with a stamp of the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust logo near the foot.

One band sits on the cigar colored in white with green accents, in the middle of the band is artwork depicting a cross. l watched an interview with Steve Saka, he explained while traveling in Scotland that he saw many crosses of all shapes and sizes.

He explained that the cross symbolizes faith, constitution, consistency and fidelity. The whole concept of no compromise seemed appropriate.

On the back of the band is the DTT logo in green on a white background.

Pre light aroma had of notes of cedar and floral with a hint of sweetness. The cold draw produced flavors of leather and a complex fruity wine flavor of sangria similar to Blackcurrant (SEE DESCRIPTION)









A warm aroma of cedar and chocolate off the toasted foot. Right off the bat flavors of black licorice, coffee, dark chocolate with nuances of smoked almonds.

Initial combustion usually produces a mild bitter char, the Sin Compromiso has an instant transition of the aforementioned flavors minus any bitterness. Background flavors of natural aged tobacco and mild leather are producing a creamy effect.

The spicy element is in the form of upper MED to FULL perfectly balanced black pepper that’s not too overwhelming on the blend.

The retro is producing clean white pepper right through the nose hitting all factors of the palate, evolving into very identifiable flavors of burnt toffee and chocolate on the long finish.




Into cruise control burn are consistent flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and sweet black licorice. Nuances of dried fruit similar to raisins produce a background sweetness. Notable is a nutty effect of smoked almonds and aged natural tobacco.

Black pepper has moved to the level of FULL- balancing with the complex core flavors for a pretty dam good cigar at the half way point.

The retro is hitting hard with clean white pepper evolving into flavors of straight chocolate with the sweetness of caramel and toffee.

The finish is long and balanced leaving its tasty after effect in between draws.








Hitting the final third the Sin Compromiso hasn’t lost a bit of strength producing FULL flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, creamy leather and a smokey flavor of almonds.

Background flavors of aged natural tobacco with a hint of sweet dried raisins. The retro has eased slightly producing white pepper with a rich caramel finish.




• CONSTRUCTION: Flawless! Even with the recent hot weather in California all 3 examples of the Sin Compromiso held their integrity. No cracks or palpable soft spots with an even transition through all 3 stages.


• BURN: Consistent combustion of wrapper, binder and fillers producing easy identifiable FULL complex flavors.


• ASH: SOLID! Black at times evolving into a dark grayish white color holding past the 2 inch point tapping off with ease.


• CUT: All examples were straight cut.


• DRAW: Perfect milkshake type resistance producing copious amounts of thick creamy white smoke.


• RE LIGHTS: Zero! Third example was purposely laid to rest at the halfway point for over 2 hours and RE-LIT with no loss of combustion or flavor

right to the nub.


• STRENGTH: Upper MED to FULL with a myriad of FULL balanced complex flavors. Seasoned smokers recommend.




Two years ago I was lucky enough to acquire a full box of an early release of Sin Compromiso. I went back and fourth with Steve about the cigar in a kind of love hate relationship about the blend. Flash forward with the latest release and now it makes perfect sense!

And although the early release was a good cigar the latest offering is in a league all of its own. I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Steve Saka at events and shows, I’ve always maintained that when he speaks about tobacco not only do you listen you take notes! His knowledge of growing, cultivating, curing and blending tobacco is mind blowing and Sin Compromiso is a culmination of that knowledge.

Most artists use a canvas to create art and strive for the “Perfect Masterpiece” often times failing to achieve the desired result. Sin Compromiso was one of the best cigars I’ve smoked to date, balanced, consistent and creatively complex.

One of the highest scores ever given to a cigar on this publication was the Sobremesa Short Churchill a 97 Sin Compromiso falls into the same category but a completely different animal! Box worthy despite a higher price point. Seasoned smokers recommended but not required, someone who’s been enjoying the hobby for several years can truly appreciate this cigar for the masterpiece it is.



Cigars for review: Samples/Trades

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke rate: 97

Size: 6×54 Selección No. 5 Parejo 

Capa: San Andrés Negro “Cultivo Tonto”

Capote: Hybridized Ecuador Habano “Thin Ligero”

Tripa: Independent Plantation Grown Nicaraguan

Company: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust


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