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2017 Top 25 Cigars List by Cigar Smoke

2017 Top 25 Cigars List
by Cigar Smoke




What a year for new cigars! There were so many great new cigars in 2017 that it was tough to even consider attempting to review all of them.

The FDA changes had us all worried that new cigars would be scarce.

Pending deadlines rushed a lot of cigars into production.

With FDA regulation modifications and deadline pushes toward the latter part of 2017, 2018 is also looking like new releases will also be in our future.


So, here is Cigar Smoke’s list of the Top 25 Cigars for 2017. Criteria used was 2017 releases of non-Cuban cigars.


#1) Dunbarton Todos Las Dias 95

#2) Foundation The Wise Man (El Güegüense ) Maduro 94

#3) Dunbarton Muestra De Saka Nacatamale 94

#4) Mombacho Cosecha 94

#5) MBOMBAY Gaaja Maduro 94

#6) RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust 94

#7) The Governor 94

#8) Leaf by Esteban 2017 Release 93

#9) Black Works Studio Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato 93

#10) Southern Draw Rose of Sharon 2017 93

#11) Mombacho Liga Maestro 93

#12) Tatuaje Pork Chop 93

#13) Black Works Studio Boondock Saint 93

#14) Black Label Trading Co. Last Rights Box Press 93

#15) Viaje Zombie Biohazard 92

#16) Cubariqueño Cigar Co. Protocol Themis 92|

#17) Fable Cigars Fourth Prime Machu 92

#18) Crowned Heads Four Kicks Mule Kick LE 2017 92

#19) Caldwell/Drew Estate All out Kings Smash 92

#20) CAO Fuma em Corda 92

#21) Viaje & EP White Label  Pina 91

#22) Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder 91

#23) Emilio LJZ 91

#24) Powstanie SBC16 91

#25) Cubariqueño Cigar Co. Probable Cause Robusto 91

Honorable Mentions

RoMa Craft Black Irish

Black Works Studio Neon Tiger

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