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Quesada Reserva Barber Pole







When Quesada Cigars crafted a special barber-pole version of its lauded Reserva Privada for a shop in Arizona last year, the company thought it was going to be a simple store exclusive and nothing more, writing it off as a gimmick.

But after smoking and enjoying samples, the company chose to release a limited quantity of Reserva Privada Barberpoles nationwide. The Quesada Barberpole intertwines the light, Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper from the original Reserva Privada released two years ago with the darker, Connecticut broadleaf cover leaf used on last year’s Reserva Privada Oscuro.

The binder in the new Reserva Privada Barberpole is the same from previous versions: San Vicente tobacco from a 1997 bumper crop grown by the Quesadas in the Dominican Republic. The leaf also appears in the filler, along with a touch of Pennsylvania broadleaf ligero for body and strength.




“When we first released the Reserva Privada, the 1997 vintage tobaccos we use for the binder and in the filler was sufficient for, depending on production numbers, a four- to six-year span,” said Terence Reilly, of Quesada Cigars. “Producing the Barberpoles in small quantities was therefore necessary because the production calculations didn’t include these cigars, and we didn’t want to affect significantly the lifespan of the brand in the original Connecticut wrapper.”




  • Toro: 5-5/8 x 54
  • Robusto: 4-3/4 x 52




Ecuadorian Connecticut and a darker Connecticut broadleaf give the Quesada it’s barber pole appearance. Looking like a chocolate candy cane, it has very notable seam, tooth and vein. Rolled in the robusto format it has a rounded cap and a wide open foot.

The band on the cigar is primary black with a gold foil Quesada logo and circular gold rings on the top and bottom of the label. The words “QUESADA” and “RESERVA” eight times on the left and the right side of the logo respectively. Pre light aroma had notes of sweet spice, wood and cedar.

The cold draw produced flavors of muted chocolate, leather and cardboard.  





A absolutely wonderful aroma of cedar coming off the toasted foot. After combustion flavors of strong leather with charred cedar and orange peel.

Once initial combustion has mellowed flavors of cocoa, coffee and strong sweet cedar.

Background flavors are predominantly woody with nuances of leather and orange peel. Black pepper is present at a MEDIUM level. The retro is producing FULL white pepper through the nose with flavors of campfire cedar.  




  Entering cruise control burn the core flavors are predominantly woody cedar, cocoa and mild peppered coffee. Background flavors of raw cinnamon and walnuts.

The spicy element has been MED black pepper, almost a fine black table pepper. White pepper on the retro with flavors of cedar. Balanced and complex the finish is long and flavorful.  




  Into the final third woody cedar, cocoa and mild gingersnap spice have been on point. Mild background char with cedar and wood nuances behind every draw.

Other flavors of raw cinnamon and roasted nuts with earth have added to the long and balanced finish.

Black pepper is consistent at a MED level adding just enough bite to the blend. Clean white pepper has increased through the nose evolving into a myriad of cedar, woody campfire and cocoa bean.  




CONSTRUCTION: Construction had a few issues with the Connecticut broadleaf detaching from the vitola I would classify as minor. The issue had no effect on performance. There were no other issues with the wrapper, zero blemishes or soft spots.


 BURN: The burn was straight with even combustion throughout. The carbon line was subtle but caused minor discoloration to the wrapper.  


ASH: the whitish grey ash was solid and compact tapping off with force. At times it resembles a stack of nickels.



CUT: V cut all 3 examples


DRAW: The draw had the perfect milkshake type resistance resulting in an abundance of thick plumes of white smoke with an aroma of cedar.


RE LIGHTS: Combustion was constant with an even smolder throughout. Only re lights were after setting the cigar down and coming back some time later.


 STRENGTH: The strength of Quesada Reserva BP was in the solid straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse. The flavors were solid and very straight forward. Woody cedar was the constant and I highly recommend using cedar matches as it only enhanced the flavor.    


Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke rate: 89

Size: 4-3/4 x 52

Wrappers: Ecuadorian Connecticut/Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: San Vicente 97 Bumper Crop/Dominican Republic

Filler: San Vicente/Pennsylvania Broadleaf Ligero Production: 300 Boxes, 10 Vitolas Per Box

News Source and additional media: Cigar Aficionado/Quesada Cigars    



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