Cigar Review: Governors Cigar & Pipe, The Governor

Governors Cigar & Pipe, The Governor 






Governors Cigar & Pipe was founded in 2014 by proprietor, Friday Ellis. With a love for all things tobacco, Friday set out to create a cigar shop that was not only a place to connect with others, but also a place to share about the industry he loves so much. 

Governors Cigar & Pipe is located in the heart of Monroe’s historic Garden District. We specialize in boutique cigars, quality pipe tobacco, and a diverse selection of pipes. We are the area’s only Xikar dealer with a full line of cutters and lighters that come with Xikar’s life-time warranty. Come in and checkout our extensive line of humidors and accessories.


“I sell cigars and pipes, but what I really sell is an experience. Cigars are conversational by nature and some of the best times shared with friends have been with a cigar in hand.” – Friday Ellis


We asked Friday Ellis to tell us about the project, he told CIGAR SMOKE “James and Angela and myself have been toying with the idea of doing a cigar together for some time now. I love the both of them, they are such an awesome couple.

The inspiration came from a trip that me and my wife Ashley took to Esteli and she smoked a un-banded prototype cigar from a famed blender and she loved them.

It was a Connecticut shade, full of flavor but it was no slouch in the strength department.  So when the time came to pitch a cigar, I wanted it to not only honor my wife and her hard work at the shop, but I wanted it to honor James and Angela and their brand as well.

But most importantly, create a quality cigar that she would love just as much as that cigar.



I called it “The First Lady” (nickname given to Ashley around the shop) but not to be left out, I had them blend a cigar that fit my palate and call it “The Governor”.  So you have two contrasting cigars to fit our contrasting palates and personalities.

We spared no expense on the bands, we reached out to our fiends Humberto Areas of Cigar Package Design to design a band around a skull cameo ring. They killed it. I think they are some of the slickest bands out there”. We couldn’t agree more brother!




The Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper is glistening with oils, toothy with vein and notable seam. It’s rolled in the Corona Gorda format with a wide open foot and a rounded cap. Atop the cap is a rolled pigtail resembling a cinnamon bun.



The band is black with copper accents looks like it belongs in a Louisiana haunted mansion. In the middle is a top hat wearing skeleton. Is that Friday Ellis without skin? A touch of New Orleans Voodoo right out of Oveja Negra!

Along the sides reads “Governor” in straight copper font on a black background. Pre light aroma had notes of black tea and sweet cedar. The cold draw produced flavors of floral spice, chocolate and sweet tea.





An aroma of chocolate brownies off the toasted foot. After combustion immediate flavors of dark chocolate, similar to chocolate syrup and black coffee with mild cedar char.

Background flavors are keeping consistent on the chocolate spectrum, cocoa bean, chocolate chips and mocha with a generous dose of medium to FULL bodied black pepper.

The retro is producing clean white pepper evolving into flavors of milk chocolate, also notable in between draws.




Entering cruise control chocolate flavors have increased, bitter dark chocolate, rich cocoa, coffee and black pepper. Background flavors are producing dried fruit, raw cinnamon and all spice.

The Governor is like sipping mocha peppered coffee through a big gulp straw! The retro is producing a clean white pepper burn through the nostrils evolving into flavors of black cherries with nuances of chocolate.


The Governor is like sipping mocha peppered coffee through a big gulp straw




In the final third flavors of chocolate, coffee and refined black pepper spice has been on point, consistent and balanced.  

The edition of dried fruit, raisins and black cherries in the background have given the Governor a mild tart sweetness, not overpowering the bold core flavors but giving the vitola long sweet and spicy finish.

The retro is producing FULL bodied clean white pepper evolving into flavors of dried fruit and coffee grounds.




CONSTRUCTION: The construction of the Governor was solid on all 6 vitolas smoked for review. No palpable soft spots or blemishes on the oily wrapper


BURN: The burn was somewhat inconsistent as far as the burn line went, slightly crooked at times but everyone of them straighten up in the final third


ASH: The Ash was darkish grey and black in some portions, holding to about an inch it was loose but held until tapped


CUT: V cut all 6 cigars


DRAW: Perfect milkshake type resistance resulting in thick plumes of aroma filled smoke


RE LIGHTS: During active smoking zero re-lights required, combustion was consistent


STRENGTH: The strength of the Governor was in the wheelhouse of FULL. The flavors of chocolate, coffee and black pepper were consistent and balanced throughout and made for an enjoyable smoking experience from first light to final third



Cigars for review: Purchased 

Cigars smoked for review: 6

Cigar Smoke rate: 94

Size: 5-5 x 46 Corona Gorda

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Factory: Oveja Negra


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Toar Campbell

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