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Cigar Review: RoMa Craft Black Irish

RoMa Craft Black Irish




Once only a carrot dangled by Skip Martin AKA ChiefHava’s Social Media feeds you could almost predict the responses by the minions of RoMa Craft fans. Need, want, when? we’re just some of the statements made by the followers of the brand loved by so many.

A visit to Nica Sueño or a raffle in D.C was about the only way you could secure the cigar called “Black Irish” that had the saliva glands in hyper drive every time you saw a sneak peek on one of Skips feeds.





Rolled with 2 wrappers, Broadleaf Maduro and a once a year release of Fomorian candela.

The original barber pole from RoMa Craft is still a rare beast, but offered in small quantities if you know where to look.

Candela is a thin touchy wrapper at best, which makes the construction of the Black Irish very impressive.

We asked Skip about the construction of the cigar, he told Cigar Smoke “It’s a whole candela wrapper under a whole broadleaf wrapper, offset to show edges.



RoMa Craft Fomorian and Black Irish



Much like the technique that the CAO America used” he directed us to a video on YouTube called “Making an American cigar” This is the way the Black Irish is constructed! It’s a fun watch and highly recommend. 




The Black Irish is a true work of art, the strips of candela contrast with the Broadleaf Maduro in stunning fashion. The strips of candela are not strips at all but an actual wrapper rolled right under the Broadleaf.

Toothy with intentional barber pole seam the vitola is rolled in the robusto format with a wide open foot and triple cap. One band sits on the cigar, typical RoMa Craft heavy stock paper.

The black strip circles the cigar over a white label, the RoMa Craft logo sits in white on the black background with “CROMAGNON” embossed with straight black font.

Pre light aroma had notes of earth, mocha and mild grassy hay. The cold draw produced flavors of plain dry tea, leather and mild pepper









A strong aroma of cedar off the toasted foot, upon combustion immediate bitter char of burnt cedar. Once the blend mellows out flavors of black coffee, raw walnuts and leather.

First of the wrappers to identify is a raw grassy hay flavor off the candela with a mixed spice of white and black pepper. The black pepper is undoubtedly off the broadleaf that is clearly the dominant wrapper.

The combustion off both wrappers is creating a next level spice, almost hybrid. Background flavors of mocha and orange peel with a leathery spice. The retro is upper level white pepper evolving into semi sweet chocolate.




Entering cruise control burn the candela and broadleaf wrappers are in perfect concert producing heavy doses of white and black pepper covering the entire palate and reaching the throat.

Flavors of coffee and bitter dark chocolate with nuances of black licorice are balancing in perfectly with the upper level pepper spectrum creating an extra long finish.

Background flavors of roasted nuts, most notable roasted almonds with consistent nuances of grass and charred hay. The retro is producing consistent upper level sting of white pepper right though the nostrils evolving into a sweetness of molasses.




In the final third the Black Irish has transitioned down a notch, still classified as FULL. The white and black pepper from the transitioning wrappers have mellowed down to allow distinct flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and roasted walnuts.

Background flavors of molasses, toffee and plain sunflower seeds with a continuous nuance of grass and hay. The cigar transitioned perfectly throughout each smoking stage with a complex and FULL bodied core.

The retro has remained upper level white pepper evolving into sweet chocolate with nuances of grass and hay, the dominant wrapper off the retro is candela.




CONSTRUCTION: SOLID! Candela wrappers are thin and temperamental, the broadleaf over the green wrapper has secured the integrity of the cigar. Zero cracks, blemishes or soft spots, the construction was perfect on all vitolas


BURN: Straight and solid throughout, combustion was perfect


ASH: Salt and peppered colored ash holding past the inch point requiring a forceful tap to break off. Loaded and packed tight with fillers


CUT: V cut all 5 examples


DRAW: Perfect resistance resulting in copious amounts of thick aroma filled smoke




STRENGTH: FULL bodied wheelhouse with upper level white and black pepper. The Black Irish transitioned perfectly throughout each smoking duration with a myriad of FULL and balanced flavors with a long semi sweet and spicy finish



Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 5

Cigar Smoke rate: 95

Size: 5 x 56

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, Candela

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Production run: Unknown

Produced: Fabrica de Tobacos Nica Sueno, Esteli Nicaragua

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