Cigar Review: Black Works Studio Neon Tiger

Black Works Studio Neon Tiger




Black Works Studio is redefining the standards for cigar making. With a “less is more” philosophy, Black Works Studio creates hand crafted premium cigars of the utmost quality in small batch, limited quantities.

BWS cigars are available for purchase through Boutiques Unified. 



“As the name suggests, Oveja Negra (Black Sheep), does things differently.

Starting our own factory in 2015 was a natural progression for us. We needed the freedom to be as creative as possible and to have ownership of every process that goes into making our cigars, ensuring 100% quality from seed to ash.


focused on producing small batch premium cigars with attention to detail. Producers of award winning blends for clients big and small.

Oveja Negra offers its clients a factory where small batch production is the norm,
and quality is the priority”.


When dignitaries or heads of state would visit Cuba, Castro had special cigars rolled for such occasions called the Republica De Cuba Presidencia.

They were not available for purchase or in any shops but handed out and they rose above all else in quality, tobacco and taste.


Republica De Cuba Presidencoa


Enter the Neon Tiger, Black Works Studios version of the of its own special cigar either sold or given out when visiting the factory Oveja Negra in Nicaragua.

Available if your willing to put in a little search time, it has filtered it’s way up to the states and taken on a “Unicorn” type status.

James Brown, owner of the brand told Cigar Smoke “We prefer keeping the blend a secret, however the wrappers are Ecuador habano, Ecuador maduro, Conn shade & Candela on the 5×48 Robusto”




The barber pole wrapper is Candela green, light Habano brown and dark Maduro in color. Smooth with seam, minimal tooth and vein. The Neon Tiger is rolled in the robusto format at 5 x 48 with strips of Habano and Maduro on the rounded cap.

A true artesian work of art by the Torcedor’s at Oveja Negra. The cigar is band-less and in all truth it doesn’t need one as it would take away from a truly beautiful looking cigar. Pre light aroma had notes of cedar, grass and hay. The cold draw produced flavors of leather spice, coffee and mild chocolate.







At first light there are massive doses of bitter white pepper spice covering the entire palate and the candela component of the wrapper is producing dirty grass nuances. A trade off of black and white pepper is occurring with the transition of wrappers.

Flavors of leather, coffee and bitter dark chocolate are on point. The spicy element has generous doses of upper full white and black pepper, lingering long on the palate in, during and between draws.

The retro is producing upper full throttle white pepper with a serious sting right through the nostrils. There’s a lot going on here I’m just trying to grasp the transition of tremendous flavors! Unreal!!




Entering cruise control the Neon Tiger eases back with a wide open draw. Flavors of peppered almonds, cocoa bean and coffee. Background flavors of grass and hay balancing in with upper level white pepper off the candela wrapper creating a spicy leather aftertaste in between draws.

The retro is an all out assault on the nostrils with full blasts of white pepper and a dirty olive aftertaste.




Into the final third the Neon Tiger heats up with intense flavors grass, hay, coffee and chocolate balancing in with an exchange of FULL white and black pepper off of the contrasting wrappers. Background flavors of peppered almonds, espresso and cocoa bean.

All flavors are bold, peppery intense and enjoyable. At this point the retro is a mad man of full white pepper right through the nose evolving into flavors of floral.





CONSTRUCTION: A true Work or art created by artesian Torcedor’s at Oveja Negra. The barber pole construction was solid and throughout the duration of the cigar. No palpable soft sports, inconsistencies or blemishes


BURN: Jagged to start but transitioned to razor sharp at cruise control burn


ASH: Salt and peppered colored ash, smooth without cracks or fissures from first light to cruise control burn, after cruise a compact ash that resembled a stack of dimes


CUT: V cut one example


DRAW: Perfect wide open draw, at your discretion, large or small drags your treated to copious amounts of thick white smoke




STRENGTH: FULL bodied! Transitions from white to black pepper about every other draw. Perfect balance and transition through each smoking duration with an extra long spicy finish



Cigars for review: Obtained through a long search

Cigars smoked for review: 2

Cigar Smoke rate: EXCELLENT

Size: 5 x 48

Wrappers: Ecuadorian Habano, Ecuadorian Maduro, Connecticut Shade, Candela

Binder: Unknown

Filler: Unknown

Factory: Oveja Negra, Nicaragua


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