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Cigar Review: Black Works Studio Boondock Saint (Prerelease)

Black Works Studio Boondock Saint (Prerelease)




BOONDOCK SAINT will be available at select BLK WKS retailers for a limited time.

This offering will add to the BLK WKS portfolio consisting of the Killer Bee, Green Hornet, NBK and Rorschach. 

Hand crafted in Esteli, Nicaragaua at Fabrica Oveja Negra. 





“The Boondock Saint is a perfect example of a balanced cigar. The profile is rich, complex and bold, with tons of subtle flavors. The cigar is both strong and refined, with a very elegant finish.


This blend highlights the many complexities in the broadleaf and Nicaraguan tobaccos used,” Said James Brown, creator of BLK WKS and partner at fabrica Oveja Negra. 


BLK WKS cigars are an expression of art showcasing the talent, technique and tobacco behind boutique cigar factory, Fabrica Oveja Negra.  BOONDOCK SAINT will be available in limited quantities at select BLK WKS retailers in August, 2017. 


BLK WKS cigars are available for purchase through Boutiques Unified.  For more information contact info @BlackLabelTrading.



  • Robusto: 5/25 x 50
  • Corona Larga: 6/25 x 46




The Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper is the color of coffee bean with areas of a lighter brown. Barely visible seam; it has notable tooth and vein. The texture of the wrapper feels like shark skin with no visible oils.

Rolled in the Robusto format the Boondock Saint has a semi rounded foot that’s not completely covered, there is a small section of visible filler and a triple rounded cap.

One band sits on the vitola, glossy black with gold trim the words “BOONDOCK” and “saint” in white splotchy font. “black works studio” is written in gold font underneath the banner.

A section of the bands sports a pistol and rosary, I’m assuming an homage to the 1999 movie “The Boondock Saints” and although I didn’t receive any “calling” from god telling me to “Hunt down wicked men so that the innocent will flourish”, it was however telling me to light it up and smoke it.

Pre light aroma had notes of raisins, chocolate and hay. The cold draw produced flavors of black tea leaves, leather and cedar.







Upon first light an immediate dose of black coffee, peppercorn and heavy cedar char. Once things settle down flavors of leather and raw walnut with nuances of sweet raisin and black licorice. The spicy element is straight black pepper/full.

Notable in between draws is a strong spicy flavor of low level red pepper covering the lips and palate; hitting the throat. Heavy doses of white pepper/full with a sting to the nostrils on the retro with no evolution of flavor, just spice.




Entering cruise control sweet flavors of dark chocolate brownies, black licorice, espresso and cedar char. Background flavors of roasted nuts, nougat and malt.

Black pepper/full is unloading at maximum creating a nicotine buzz. Clean white pepper right through the nose on the retro evolving into distinct flavors of chocolate syrup.




In the final third bitter dark chocolate, leather, espresso and raw walnuts. Background flavors of maple char, cedar with chocolate syrup and raisins. The cigar crescendos to upper full intensity.

A constant borage of upper level black peppercorn and high doses of nicotine got me buzzed! Spice on the lips and palate are continuous in between draws burning my tongue. Upper level white pepper with a sting evolving into flavors of bitter chocolate syrup and coffee grounds.




CONSTRUCTION: Solid with no palpable soft spots or visible oils

BURN: The burn line was slightly crooked on both examples however, corrected itself in cruise control

ASH: The ash was never really compact, dark grayish black it was slightly loose but held past the inch point and tapped off with ease. In the final third the ash flowered and randomly flaked on my shirt.

RE LIGHTS: Zero re lights required, combustion was consistent and solid creating a reddish orange glow of smoldering fillers 

STRENGTH: upper FULL PLUS with an intensity of FULL flavors




On the upper echelon of full plus the Boondock Saint hit the ground running and never slowed down. FULL flavors of espresso, black licorice, peppercorn and rich dark chocolate were balanced and intense throughout the smoking duration.

Each transition took it closer to the edge with blasts of nicotine that created a nice buzz on the Cigar Oasis. Construction was solid, one of the two examples smoked was at night producing a reddish orange glow of smoldering fillers on the solid and consistent combustion. 

It reminded me of a volcano getting ready to erupt, the BDS was just as powerful. One of the more FULL bodied and potent cigars I’ve had from Black Works Studio.  Make sure you tackle this one after a heavy meal.



Cigars for review: Acquired at the 2017 IPCPR

Cigars smoked for review: 2

Cigar Smoke rate: 93

Size: 5-25 x 50 (Robusto)

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaraguan Habano

Filler: Nicaragua/Pennsylvania/Connecticut

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Fabrica Oveja Negra


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