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MBombay Tobac Classic Churchill






Everyone in the industry is familiar with Mel Shah and MBombay Tobak, Mel has a portfolio of offerings using some pretty exotic and aged tobacco for his products.

Mels blending and storage of the tobacco he’s procured may seem a slight bit unorthodox, however consistency and commitment to quality is one of the stand out attributes of the high desert tobacco company.

Whether your trying his cigars for the first time, or a seasoned purveyor of his products there’s something for the novice smoker up to the expert aficionado.



Mel Shah Owner of MBombay Tobak told CIGAR SMOKE “MBombay Classic was one of our first blends that was introduced in 2014. My retail experience has helped us a lot in defining our philosophy of making cigars and offering to our customers, with uniqueness and in that price point.


It has never been our goal to produce cigars just because we make it. For example, the Classic blend was to offer flavors that are not commonly found in a Connecticut Shade (Claro color) cigars.


Proper blending of tobaccos to entice a novice or a well seasoned cigar smoker, has always been a priority for us. Just for as in this matter, a Churchill sized – Connecticut Shade cigar to be offered at $8.99 and to find the flavors and the balance with its strength, is a challenge in itself”.



  • Churchill: 7 x 48
  • Perfecto: 6 x 50
  • Belicoso: 5 x 52
  • Robusto: 4 1/2 x 48
  • Corona: 5 x 43




The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is light in color with a gold hue to it. Silky to the touch with notable seam, tooth and vein.  It’s rolled in the Churchill format with rounded cap and an unfinished footer. One large band sits on the vitola, MBombay has distinct artwork on their bands usually very large in nature, I like to call the “Magic Carpet” colored in earthy browns and reds it has a jagged edge of gold.

Around the seam reads “MBOMBAY” in straight gold font. Once you remove the “Magic Carpet” a smaller band sits around the vitola with ornate artwork in a smaller format. Across the band in burgundy reads “MBOMBAY CLASSIC” in large font. Pre light aroma had notes of vanilla bean, honey and graham cracker. Slight resistance due to the unfinished footer, the cold draw produced flavors of leather and mild cinnamon spice.




  • Leather
  • Honey/Light
  • Plain Wheat Toast
  • Almonds/Glazed
  • Malt
  • Malt
  • Walnut/Raw
  • White Pepper/Even/Med
  • White Pepper/Med on the retro evolving into flavors of Honey char


  • Leather/Cream
  • Walnut/Raw
  • Hazelnut
  • Cheerios/Plain
  • Coffee/Light
  • All Spice
  • Clove
  • Cedar/Char
  • Black Pepper/Mild
  • White Pepper/Med on the retro evolving into flavors of rich Honey


  • Walnuts
  • Cheerios/Plain
  • Honey
  • Wheat Toast/Browned/Plain
  • Milk Chocolate/Light
  • Leather/Light Cream
  • Hazelnut
  • Cashews/Salted
  • Graham Crackers
  • Black Table Pepper/Dusting/Mild
  • White Pepper/Upper Med on the retro evolving into flavors of Honey/Caramel/Char


  • CONSTRUCTION: Solid with zero cracks on the thin Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper
  • BURN: The burn line was slightly jagged posing no problems to the integrity of the wrapper
  • ASH: The whitish/grey ash burned in a pyramid shape and flaky until the final duration when it became rounded and compact
  • CUT: All examples were v cut
  • DRAW: Slight resistance at first light due to the unfinished footer, once the foot burned off the draw was wide open producing an over abundance of thick white smoke
  • COMBUSTION: Zero re lights were required even when the vitola sat for five min plus. Combustion was consistent and continuous
  • STRENGTH: Upper MEDIUM bodied with a copious amount of FULL and enjoyable flavors





All three examples performed identical. One example was smoked in the evening while the other two were reviewed in the A.M.  Although suitable for anytime of day, this is a highly recommended morning smoke that will pair perfectly with morning coffee.

The Churchill size allows an hour and a half plus smoking duration that dictates a second cup of coffee while reading the paper or preparing for your day (weekends to be exact).  Enjoyed on a fresh palate the subtle breakfast flavors with a consistent dose of all spice, of course if time permits. Other sizes in the line can be enjoyed when time is a factor.

Straight MEDIUM bodied, balanced and complex the transition time was subtle while strength increased throughout each stage of the smoking duration.


Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke rate: 90

Size: 7 x 48 (Churchill)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut 2001

Binder: Dominican

Fillers: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican, Peruvian

Produced: Costa Rica (Tabacos de Costa Rica)

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