Cigar Review: Viaje Skull And Bones “The Hulk” R Field Wine Co. Exclusive

Viaje Skull And Bones “The Hulk” R Field Wine Co. Exclusive



I spoke to Marvin back in April securing a bundle of Last Rights box press from Black Label Trading Co, and he mentioned an upcoming event with Viaje and something special with Skull and Bones, This is what I learned.

Skull & Bones dubbed “The Hulk” was rolled for an event for R. Field Wine Co. on June 16th in Oahu. Criollo ’98 wrapper with Nicaraguan binders and fillers. Rolled at Raices Cubanas. 2 sizes, 50 bundles each total production.




  • 56
  • 58

Anyone interested in purchasing the Viaje Skull and Bones “Hulk” can contact Marvin Chang at marvinchang@foodland.com. This is a limited one and done production and will go fast, if not already gone. 



The Criollo 98 wrapper is on the lighter side of coffee bean in color with seam, vein and tooth. In the size of 58 it has a wide open foot with a triple round cap. We’ve seen the Viaje Skull & Bones in white, red, silver and even gold but this is the first time it’s ever been in green.

Dubbed “The Hulk” the band has the familiar Skull & Bones in zombie toxic “Green” SMASHING!! Along the band in white are smaller cross bones circling above and below on top of solid white lines. Pre light aroma had notes of barnyard cedar, honey and chocolate. The cold draw produced flavors of sunflower seed, mocha and caramel.




At first light a sweet aroma of baked brownies off the foot. Once combustion kicks in flavors of mocha, coffee and woody char. Background flavors are predominantly sweet with charred maple, semi sweet dark chocolate and creamy leather.

The spicy element is in the form of a medium black pepper dusting creating a long sweet and spicy finish, very notable in between draws. The retro is producing dirty white pepper through the nose with no evolution of flavor just straight spice.

  • Coffee/Mocha
  • Woody Char
  • Maple Char
  • Creamy Leather
  • Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate
  • Black Pepper Dusting/Med



Entering cruise control the Skull and Bones “Hulk” is continuing with sweet flavors of maple char, burnt toffee and sweet tea. Background flavors of clove, coffee, mocha and a citrus zest or orange peel. This is definitely one of the sweeter Skull and Bones offerings I’ve smoked.  They are generally blaze and bluster upper level black pepper.

This is quite the opposite allowing sweet flavors to lead the way. The spicy element is in the form of a mild faint black pepper spice giving the cigar an extra long sweet and mild spicy finish. The retro has increased to full dirty white pepper evolving into flavors of raisins.

  • Maple Char
  • Burnt Toffee
  • Sweet Tea
  • Clove
  • Coffee
  • Orange Peel
  • Black Pepper/Faint/Mild



In the final duration the core sweet flavors remain on point. Charred maple, mocha and dark chocolate lead the way. Background flavors of light coffee, caramel corn, toffee char and clove with a sweet cedar aroma on the massive smoke output.

Black pepper is almost nonexistent but most notable on the lips and palate in between draws on the long sweet finish. Dirty white pepper is consistent on the retro evolving into flavors of sweet raisins. 

  • Charred Maple
  • Mocha
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Light Coffee
  • Toffee Char
  • Clove
  • Carmel Corn
  • Black Pepper/Light 
  • Dirty White Pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of Sweet Raisins



CONSTRUCTION • Two Vitolas had perfect construction, one had a minor wrapper issue separating from the binder

BURN • Straight with a few lighter touch ups, thick carbon line separating the wrapper and binder from the ash.

ASH • Thick whitish grey holding past the inch point but falling off un-assisted

CUT • V Cut Two/Straight Cut One

DRAW • Perfect milkshake type draw

Re Lights • As reported only a few lighter touch ups required. Solid combustion




The Viaje Skull and Bones “Hulk” was one of the lighter vitolas I’ve had from a company know for its upper FULL PLUS profile of cigars. Laced with mild black table pepper it allowed a myriad of sweet balanced flavors to take point throughout the smoking duration.

There wasn’t much transition of flavors for the predominantly sweet cigar, however tasty flavors of dark chocolate and coffee mocha kept me interested to the last. If your a fan of Viaje this is a must try but hurry fast these are very limited and most likely sold out, not to mention the after market prices are sure to be high.


Cigars for review: Purchased Bundle 25

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke rate: 90

Size: 5 x 58

Wrapper: Criollo 98

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Factory: Raices Cubanas

Production: 50 bundles of 25 – 2 sizes 56-58

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