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Cigar Review: Cubariqueño Cigar Company Protocol Themis

Cubariqueño Cigar Company Protocol Themis





Cubariqueño Cigar Company is proud to announce that it is releasing its third blend, Protocol Themis, at the 2017 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailer trade show in Las Vegas. “We are super excited to announce the Protocol Themis, “stated Bill Ives, managing partner of  Cubariqueño Cigar Company.” 

These cigars will launch at the 2017 IPCPR trade show with and was soft launched on May 13th at our 2 year anniversary party located at Berkeley Humidor, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.”



The name, Themis,  stays true to the company’s law enforcement motif, with partners Bill Ives and Juan Cancel both as law enforcement officers. But it also pays tribute to William Agathis, a managing partner with Greek decent. 

Protocol Themis pays homage to the Lady of Justice symbol. Themis, from ancient Greek mythology, was the Titan goddess of divine law and order – the traditional rules of conduct, first established by the gods.



The cigar was the brain child of Agathis as he worked closely with Hector Alfonso Sr. to create what he feels is an amazing blend.

Production will remain at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Themis will be available in two offerings, a round 5 x 52 Robusto and a 6 x 52 Toro, also rounded. Themis is elegantly wrapped in a stunning Equdorian Connecticut leaf.

Its all-Nicaraguan filler is enveloped by a Nicaraguan binder. “We are classifying Themis as a medium-strength cigar with full flavor,” explained Agathis.



  • Robusto: 5 x 52
  • Toro: 6 x 52




The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is bread crust in color showing notable seam, prominent tooth and vein. The cigar is rolled in the Toro format with a triple rounded cap and wide open foot.

Elegantly designed the primary band is colored with gold foil with a lighter grey trim. The signature logo of protocol cigars is in the middle of the design with “PROTOCOL” vertically on the logo in straight font with a dark grey background. In small font reads “HANDMADE” and “LAZONA” in black on a gold background, the word “AGATHIS” is on the end of the label in gold on a dark grey background.

The secondary band is thin reading “THEMIS” in block letter font in dark grey on a solid gold background with light and dark grey trim. Pre light aroma had notes of vanilla wafer, graham crackers and light chocolate. The cold draw produced flavors of plain tea, vanilla bean and cedar.





Upon first light mild cedar char from toasting, an aroma of warm match box cedar coming off the foot. Flavors of roasted nuts, with nuances of mild white pepper cream. Background flavors of leather, hazelnut and plain wheat toast.

The mild spicy element is in the form of a light black table paper dusting and charred honey creating a sweet and mild spicy finish. Clean white pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of light honey.




Entering cruise control burn flavors of graham crackers, lightly browned marshmallows and plain Cheerios. Background flavors of light coffee, mocha and leather.

The spicy element is in the form of a mild fine black table pepper dusting balancing in with a mild brown sugar spice. Clean white pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of charred honey and roasted nuts.




In the final duration flavors of graham crackers, plain wheat toast and Cheerios. Background flavors of leather, light honey, coffee and brown sugar char with nuances of creamy roasted, or browned marshmallows.

The spicy element has been consistent since first light in the form of a mild continuous black and white table pepper dusting that’s balancing in perfectly with the sweeter flavors of the Protocol Themis creating a long and complex finish.

The retro has been consistent with clean white pepper in the medium bodied range evolving into flavors of charred brown sugar, roasted nuts and honey. 




The construction of the Protocol Themis was solid throughout on both Toros smoked for review. The vitola had no palpable soft spots or blemishes. The cigar had a lighter feel to it with a noticeably thin wrapper. The burn line was mostly straight with periods of unevenness that quickly corrected itself.

The ash was lighter grey and black in color, compact but loose, it held to the about an inch and broke off with little to no effort. Both cigars smoked for review were V cut and produced a wide open draw with little to zero resistance producing an over abundance of thick creamy white smoke. The combustion on the Themis was perfect and required zero re lights. The strength of the vitola was in the straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse with a wide variety of FULL flavors.

Both cigars were enjoyed in the A.M on a fresh palate without pairings. Suitable for anytime of day I am suggesting this as a morning cigar as the wide range of full and toasty flavors were something right off the breakfast table, why not the Robusto? completely different animal and that’s for another review. The Toro was tasty, toasty balanced and complex with straight forward flavors as the cigar transitioned perfectly throughout each stage of the smoking duration. 


Cigars for review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 2 (Both in A.M)

Cigar Smoke rate: 92

Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)

Wrapper: Equdorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Factory: Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Estelí, Nicaragua

Toar Campbell

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Toar Campbell

One Response to “Cigar Review: Cubariqueño Cigar Company Protocol Themis”

  • Avatar Bob Langmaid:

    Great review! Sounds like a flavor profile I would love to try. Based On Protocol and Probable Cause, I expect this will also be a kick ass offering

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