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Cigar Review: Cohiba Blue

Cohiba Blue

Cohiba Blue is the latest addition to General Cigar Company’s Cohiba brand.
Cohiba Logo

  • Cohiba Dominican (Cameroon/Jember Indonesian/Dominican Piloto Cubano)
  • Cohiba Nicaraguan (Colorado Oscuro/Nicaraguan/Nicaraguan)
  • Cohiba Macassar (Connecticut Havana/Connecticut Broadleaf/Dominican & Nicaraguan)
  • Cohiba Black (Connecticut Broadleaf/Connecticut Broadleaf/Dominican Piloto Cubano)
  • Cohiba Luxury Selection (Meerapfel African Gold/Mexican San Andrés/Brazilian Mata Fina and Dominican Piloto Cubano and Olor)
  • Cohiba Edicion Diamante (Cameroon/Indonesian/Dominican)

Cohiba Blue is offered in four sizes.

Cohiba Blue Box

Image Courtesy of General Cigar Co.

  • Churchill 7 x 50 ($10.99)
  • Robusto 5 1/2 x 50 ($9.99)
  • Rothschild 4 1/2 x 50 ($8.99)
  • Toro 6 x 50 ($10.49)

The Cohiba Blue is packaged in bright blue hand-painted wooden boxes that will certainly grab your attention on the shelf. According to General Cigar, the Cohiba Blue is an extension of the Cohiba “luxury smoking experience” by making this cigar an “inclusive luxury”.  What does this mean? Based on MSRP’s of the other Cohiba lines, the Cohiba Blue is a lower priced cigar for the rest of us. Typical online prices for the other Cohiba lines range from $11.99-over $17.oo each (based on robusto or closest size available). The Cohiba Blue MSRP in the robusto vitola is $9.99 and is selling online for around $8.00.

“Cohiba has always been synonymous with luxury smoking experiences. The brand’s latest collection, Cohiba Blue, takes this to an entirely different level by introducing the notion of inclusive luxury.”

Cohiba brand manager Andres Maturen said, “With Cohiba Blue, we present a collection that speaks to the ethos of the Cohiba brand. Made with a curated selection of tobaccos, handcrafted by renowned artisans, and created for all those who seek the indulgence of a fine cigar, Cohiba Blue symbolizes a life well lived.


The Cohiba Blue wrapper is medium-brown in color with a rustic look and prominent veins. The band is bright ocean blue with Cohiba embossed in white and the classic red dot in the “O”.
Cohiba Blue

Pre-light draw has notes of earthiness, tobacco and a nice sweetness. Draw is unobstructed and appears to be perfect as does the firm roll.


Cohiba First LightThe burn is uneven due to what appears to be an area of filler tobacco that is not burning as easily as the rest of the tobacco. This is catching up at the half inch point. Second cigar is just fine with an even burn and no issues.

Flavors of caramel, leather, cayenne pepper, and a mild sweetness that is closest to raisin are blending nicely. There is a notable pepper bite on the finish which is where the cayenne pepper comes into play. My initial reaction is that the Cohiba Blue is medium-full strength cigar and has the potential to develop into a nice smoke.


The start-up burn issue has completely recovered with a reasonably straight burn line. Draw is still nice and easy while the roll maintains a somewhat solid feel. The second cigar smoked is a softer roll on the first two-thirds, causing a faster burn rate.
Cohiba Blue Cruise

The pepper that I found on the front end of the cigar has dissipated, making me reevaluate the initial medium-plus to a medium strength cigar. Ash is a deep grey and black blend and is hanging on firmly. Smoke is a rich and full silver-grey.

Black pepper replaces the original cayenne pepper blast. Caramel is the dominant flavor with overtones of cashews, leather, and a rapidly developing malt flavor with a slight lingering sweetness. There is a noticeable pepper bite on the finish that lingers and pushes the cigar almost into the harsh zone.

At the halfway point, milk chocolate joins the flavor profile and helps to mellow the close-to-harsh note and replaces it with charred wood.


The Cohiba Blue flavors remain consistent with caramel, black pepper, charred wood, malt, cashews, milk chocolate, and a raisin-like background sweetness. A creamy butter is the new flavor note that has popped up in the final third, again helping to mellow the cigar to some degree.

CohibaBlue Final Third



Construction of the Cohiba Blue is very good, although some samples are somewhat soft in much of the cigar after warming up. Strength that started out in the medium-full range quickly shifted to medium in the first third and throughout the rest of the smoke..


  • Caramel
  • Leather
  • Cayenne Pepper to Black Pepper
  • Raisin-like Sweetness
  • Malt
  • Cashews
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Charred Wood
  • Butter


Cohiba Blue Conclusion

All of us–well most of us–look for the best cigar to fit our budget. I do this all the time with wine by comparing the overall balance of flavor to the price.

In the case of the Cohiba Blue the intent, based on everything General Cigar has stated about the release, appears to be to allow the budget-minded smoker a taste of the Cohiba line without incurring the $11-17 per stick price of the other Cohiba lines. At an MSRP of $9.99 and online price of $8.00, I believe it fell a little short. If the price was $6.50, I think they would have nailed this from a marketing and consumer perspective. There are just so many cigars at the $6.50 price point that are excellent that the price point of the Cohiba Blue resulted in the loss of a couple of rating points.

Cigar provided by: General Cigar Co.

Cigars Smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rating: 87

Size:         5 1/2 x 50

Strength:  Medium

Wrapper:  Honduran Olancho San Agustin
Binder:     Honduran Olancho San Agustin
Filler:       Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Ometepe &
                Dominican Piloto Cubano

Country of Origin:   Dominican Republic

MSRP: $9.99

One Response to “Cigar Review: Cohiba Blue”

  • Avatar Jay:

    This is really informative. These are some of my favorite cohiba cigars. The blue toro is the best tho.
    Thanks for sharing.


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