Cigar Review: Black Works Studio Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato

Black Works Studio Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato




The Green Hornet is BLK WKS Studio’s follow up to the Killer Bee. Though the blend is just a bit stronger to keep with the larger vitola. The first thing you will notice is the candela tobacco used to add stripes to the cap and to make up the closed foot. This candela is blended in with the majority being a maduro wrapper.

Originally the Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato was intended as an event only cigar, BLK WKS could not ignore the response it received. This is not a limited edition cigar, but it will only be produced and shipped in small batches, throughout the year.

I tried confirming this with James Brown owner of the brand, he told CIGAR SMOKE “It is event only for now” however I did see a box of Green Hornet Katos for sale on a website I will keep publically anonymous for now, if you contact me privately I will be happy to tell you.

The Killer Bee Lonsdale and Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato are scheduled to make their debut at Black Works Studio events beginning in March 2018.



“We are very excited to launch these new additions to the Killer Bee and Green Hornet lines. These cigars will be released as event only (Updated) in very limited quantities. Both of these cigars are unique versions of the original blends and highlight the creativity of our factory. I wanted something special for our retailers who support us with events and these two cigars are exactly that,” said James Brown, creator of Black Works Studio and owner at Fabrica Oveja Negra in a press release.
In addition to being produced at Fabrica Oveja Negra, Black Works Studio is distributed by Boutiques Unified.

 The Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato is an off shoot of the Killer Bee Green Hornet.

“As the name suggests, Oveja Negra (Black Sheep), does things differently.

Starting our own factory in 2015 was a natural progression for us. We needed the freedom to be as creative as possible and to have ownership of every process that goes into making our cigars, ensuring 100% quality from seed to ash.


focused on producing small batch premium cigars with attention to detail. Producers of award winning blends for clients big and small.

Oveja Negra offers its clients a factory where small batch production is the norm,
and quality is the priority”.




The Killer Bee Green Hornet Kato is dark coffee bean in color showing visible seam with notable tooth, and veins. The wrapper has some rough bumps with no palpable soft spots. A rounded cap comes to a pointed tip rounding the top and has three strips of candela with one longer strip swirling under the band. 

The footer is unfinished and covered with candela. Like most products from Black Works Studio the Vitola looks like a work of art with the green accents of candela standing out against wrapper.

The singular band with a black background and gold accents on the cigar reads the name “KILLER BEE”, with smaller lower case font reading “black works studio”. A couple of other background things are going on, there is a wicked looking hornet in front of a green laser design, the bands on the Killer Bee and the Killer Bee Green Hornet are virtually identical to the Kato.

Pre light aroma had grassy notes mixed with cedar and chocolate. The cold draw produced slight resistance producing flavors of light tea, leather and a subtle spice lingering on the palate.







Upon first light a mixture of grassy notes with white and black pepper are immediate while the closed footer burns off. Flavors of charred cedar, creamy leather and strong black coffee are prominent. Background flavors of raw walnut and raw cinnamon char is adding a floral spice to the blend.

Black and white pepper has the Kato full bodied to start with a long spicy finish. Notable are the nuances of grassy hay tobacco flavors coming off the cap producing a creamy leather aftertaste in a raw tobacco form.

The retro is producing a FULL bodied white pepper assault on the nostrils evolving into flavors of cedar and leather.




Entering cruise control burn flavors of black coffee, mild black licorice and raw walnuts are on point. Nuances of charred cedar and burnt molasses are adding sweet flavors into the profile.

Full doses of white/black pepper are taking care of the spicy element and hasn’t lost a bit of strength since first light, giving the vitola a long sweet and spicy finish. The retro is producing FULL white pepper evolving into flavors of citrus with bitter orange peel.




In the final third flavors of cedar with less char, creamy leather, roasted walnuts and coffee have been consistent. I would label them as core flavors thus far. Background flavors of thick molasses, black licorice with notes of citrus are producing a long finish with a sweet and spicy aftertaste in between draws.

Nuances of bitter grass and hay are notable in raw unlit tobacco form coming off the candela strips located on the cap. A consistent mixture of black and white pepper in full doses have been present since first light never losing a bit of strength.

The retro is producing doses of FULL white pepper evolving into flavors of leather and coffee. 




The construction of the Green Hornet Kato was like most products coming from Black Works Studio solid and without flaw. The resistance due to the unfinished footer lasted seconds and opened right up after igniting.  It produced a wide open draw on the V cut resulting in an over abundance of thick creamy white smoke.

The burn line on both cigars smoked for review was razor sharp producing a compact white and grey ash holding on past the inch point. The strength of the Green Hornet Kato was in the FULL bodied wheelhouse that produced some very tasty and balanced flavors. 

Most notable was the subtle grass, hay and leather notes coming from the unlit candela on the cap of the vitola.

The spicy element came from a mixture of white and black pepper that blended in with a myriad of balanced complex flavors that transitioned perfectly from first light to final third.

I would suggest enjoying this cigar sparingly as small batch and limited quantities mean longer wait times in between production runs, especially if the cigar remains event only.



  • White/Black Pepper
  • Raw Walnuts
  • Cedar/Char
  • Creamy Leather
  • Coffee/Black
  • Black Licorice
  • Citrus/Orange Peel
  • Molasses
  • White Pepper on the retro producing flavors of Leather/Cedar/Coffee






SIZE: 4 1/2 x 46 (PETITE CORONA)




PRODUCED AT: Fabrica Oveja Negra



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