Cigar Review: Black Label Trading Company Javelina, UnderGround Cigars Exclusive

Black Label Trading Company Javelina, UnderGround Cigars Exclusive


Black Label Trading Co. is taking the next step in small batch and boutique cigar manufacturing, there taking ownership of the entire process. As the name suggests, Oveja Negra (Black Sheep), will do things differently.

“Starting our own factory was a natural progression of the brand. We needed the freedom to be as creative as possible and to have ownership of every process that goes into making our cigars. We have always been involved in every aspect of our production but now we can take it to the next level and ensure 100% quality from seed to ash,” stated James Brown, creator of BLTC.



A peccary (also javelina or skunk pig) is a medium-sized hoofed mammal of the family Tayassuidae (New World pigs) in the suborder Suina along with the Old World pigs, Suidae. They are found throughout Central and South America and in the southwestern area of North America.


By definition the Javelina is ultra boutique, in fact they don’t come any more boutique than this! Small batch, 100 units specifically for Underground Cigars. Black Label Trading Company is redefining the standards for cigar making. With a “less is more” philosophy. James Brown owner of BLTC told CIGAR SMOKE “The Javelina was an idea brought to me by Mark Scott. He was very specific on the size, pigtail & shaggy foot.

I developed the blend to be bold & spicy with a nice creamy finish. When we made the samples it looked like a pig and the shaggy foot looked like its guts spilling out lol. So with the TX tie in, I told Mark we should call it the Javelina”. 

I also talked to Don Wiggins of Underground Cigar Shop about any other projects in the works with BLTC? “Future products coming are the UG Catacomb and also a special blend for me based on a Cuban Bolivar. He’s making a nica version of that cigar for me. It’s a work in progress and something that will be totally new for him”.

No further information on size, blend or release date was mentioned. However further investigation of the Catacomb yielded some results that can be found on the BLTC blog site. Currently all 100 units of the Javelina are listed as SOLD OUT doing so in less than 8 hrs. “BLTC and the Underground have a lot of history. The Underground was one of BLTC’s first big supporters when we launched the brand. Making a cigar for the Underground is just a natural progression of the mutual support our companies have for each other”.






Minimal tooth and vein with slight seam, the vitola is creamy chocolate brown in color with noticeable oils. Heavy in the hand and solid to the touch. The cigar has a silky black band covering the wrapper-less shaggy foot, the cap sports a cinnamon bun pig tail. Sans band let’s talk about the packaging. Offered in 10 count bundles presented in brown paper bag type packs.

Artwork features rounded barbwire with two Javelinas facing opposite each other, in the middle read “UG” for UnderGround cigars and “Exclusive” in light brown cursive. Under reads the name of the cigar “Javelina” and “BLACK LABEL TRADING Co.” across the bottom. I really liked the packaging of the Javelinas, small 10 count bundles are easier to store especially in my case where space is limited. 

Pre light aroma had notes of heavy barnyard from the foot, cedar and bouquet of floral aromas. The cold draw produced flavors of spiced leather, plain tea and rich cedar.






Upon first light your treated to a sizable dose of binder and filler producing a strong flavor of cream and heavy roasted nuts with a spiced cinnamon sweetness. I’m one of those cigar smokers that enjoy a shaggy foot and it’s usually over quick.  The duration of time before combustion of this wrapper was about 3-4 minutes, perfect! Once the wrapper ignited flavors of leather, raw walnuts and creamy nutmeg.

Nuances of sweet tea and muted milk chocolate was adding the sweet element to the vitola. A dusting of black table pepper produced a long sweet and spicy finish. The retro is producing low level white pepper evolving into flavors of charred toffee.


Entering cruise control burn flavors of glazed almonds, brown sugar and floral spice are on point. Nuances of dried meat, cinnamon spice and salted cashews. A mild black pepper spice felt in the throat area is keeping the Javelina at an upper medium level. The retro has increased with blasts of white pepper evolving into flavors of charred toffee and burnt cinnamon.


In the final duration the core flavors are sweet and nutty. Roasted walnuts , cashews and rich cedar with nuances of spiced floral notes (almost a holiday spice) are keeping the Javelina high medium bodied and tasty.

Background flavors of coffee grounds, oak and light milk chocolate are producing a thick and long lasting aftertaste in between draws. All remnants of black pepper has decreased, however the vitola is producing a spicy element in the form of a woody char and spiced clove. 

The only thing I can relate it to is a holiday spice found in hot cider, spiced rum or Glögg. The retro has increased producing strong white pepper evolving into flavors of toffee char and coffee.


The construction of the Javelina was solid like a tank! A heavy dose of fillers provided a sturdy feeling of a well constructed cigar. On the three examples smoked for review I encountered zero wrapper issues with a perfect burn even through the exposed footer.  Once ignited it stayed razor sharp, very impressive.

The draw was wide open on the straight cut and provided huge clouds of aroma filled smoke. The grayish/black ash was thick, dense and SOLID producing a stack of thick nickels on all examples.  In it’s weight class it would be the undisputed winner of a long ash contest every time. The Javelina delivered a complexity of creamy and spicy flavors that were extremely balanced throughout the smoking duration that transitioned perfectly from first light to final third.

The strength and body of the vitola was in the solid upper MEDIUM bodied range with a high degree of FULL flavors. In the second example I smoked the strength of the cigar crept up on me like a predator, lack of food or proper hydration could have played a factor, but with an inch and a half left I tapped out , so prepare yourself.

I did my due diligence with the Javelina, smoking all examples on a clean palate in the morning, afternoon and evening.  Respectively, now I can relax and pair with some things that will only make it better. A well blended and very well constructed cigar from BLTC hitting it out of the park with the philosophy of “Less is more”.


Cigars For Review: Purchased

Cigars smoked for review: 3

Cigar Smoke Rate: 93

Size: 4.5 x 60

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Jalapa, Esteli, Ometepe, Dominican Piloto

Produced at: Oveja Negra, Nicaragua



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