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Cigar Review: Sin Compromiso From Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Sin Compromiso From Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Sin Compromiso, without compromise, is our company mantra and the guiding ethos for everything we do here at Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. Creating a cigar brand to manifest this expression into a tangible reality was an incredibly challenging task as this cigar simply had to be the absolute best of everything.
From the cultivation of distinct and unique tobaccos to the careful working of these prized leaves to allowing only the very best torcedors to hand craft each cigar. Even the box which contains these vitolas had to be beyond special – in short this cigar is the absolute best of everything.

The result is a truly unique, complex cigar that seems to be mild, yet strong at the very same time.
It is a captivating and entrancing smoke for the experienced palate with flavor notes that are constantly swirling and changing from puff to puff.
Even to me after a year of meticulously crafting and tweaking this liga, I find this cigar a bit of a conundrum,
one moment I absolutely love it, whereas thenext I find myself wishing for more to then only be gifted a draw that is simply sublime.
In my thirty plus years of working tobacco and crafting cigars, I have never experienced such an intriguing smoke.

Typically packed in beautifully crafted 13-ct matte-lacquered boxes, we decided to share a small early release of these extraordinary cigars in simple, humble 13ct “Special Release” boxes with undie cut rings so as to allow others to enjoy this cigar at a much lower than its typically $20+ per cigar price point. I suspect these “special release” boxes may become highly collectible.

Back in August Steve Saka told Cigar Smoke “Sin Compromiso is an all Nicaraguan blend utilizing a very unique Nica grown Desflorado capa from a test crop. I personally LOVE and HATE this liga – one moment I am smoking it and I think, damn Saka your a genius…and just two puffs later I think your a total idiot Saka”



  • Selección No. 1 Parejo 6.00 x 46 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 2 Torpedo 6.00 x 52 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 3 Parejo 4.75 x 44 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 4 Parejo 5.00 x 52 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 5 Parejo 6.00 x 54 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 6 Parejo 6.00 x 60 Box / 13
  • Selección No. 7 Parejo 7.00 x 56 Box / 13
  • Epicure “Intrépido” 5.63 x 46 Box / 13
  • Epicure “Puño de Hierro” 4.75 x 48 Box / 13
  • Epicure “Paladín de Saka” 7.00 x 50 Box / 13
  • Epicure “Espada Estoque” 7.00 x 42 Box / 13




The Nicaraguan Desflorado wrapper is graham cracker brown in color with a few seams and vein. The vitola is beautifully rolled with a rounded cap and wide open foot. The cigar feels firm and tightly packed.

One bands sits on the cigar colored in matte white with a Spanish looking cross in matte green, simple yet elegant, the motif more than suits the name of the cigar.

Pre light aroma had notes of warm chocolate and caramel corn with hints of vanilla. The cold draw produced flavors of leather, hickory wood chips and pepper flake spice. The vitola was V cut for smoking.




Upon first light notes of bitter leather, charred cedar and woody spiced hickory chips.

The leather is progressively getting stronger producing an almost raw hide flavor with nuances of milk chocolate.

Black pepper is present at a medium level notable in between draws producing a spicy leathery aftertaste. The retro is producing low levels of white pepper through the nose evolving into flavors of burnt toffee and sweet caramel.




Entering cruise control woody flavors of oak and hickory chips. Dominant flavors of leather and raw hide have been consistent from first light.

Black pepper has increased to a higher medium level with a thick rich maple sweetness added to the flavor profile.

The retro is producing clean white pepper evolving into that Saka signature caramel and burnt toffee flavor.




In the final duration the dominant leather flavor has decreased significantly allowing sweet flavors of thick rich maple and molasses to take center stage.

Woody flavors of smoked hickory chips, charred cedar and raw cinnamon are present. Leather, charred toffee and caramel corn are notable flavors in between draws with a slight red pepper spice giving the Sin Compromiso a long sweet, spicy and rich finish.

The retro continues to produce medium level white pepper through the nose evolving into flavors of toffee and caramel.




Construction of the SC was flawless! The vitola had the perfect draw producing a whitish grey ash that looked like a stack of nickels, with the perfect burn in all five examples smoked for review, you would expect nothing less from a cigar that holds the company’s motto of “Without Compromise. Steve Saka once again has reinvented himself.




We all know Sobremesa, Mi Querida, Umbagog and Todos Las Dias are signature offerings or should I say signature Saka. Sin Compromiso is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! I purchased these by sheer luck last August in 2016, after smoking the first example I felt they needed a little more time to age, for lack of a better term they were slightly green.

I messaged Steve and the first thing he said was “You Hate It?” I replied, “No, I don’t hate it. I smoked two already, I’m going with different”.

I love the fact that you keep me thinking Steve, I love cigars and all things associated with the subculture and the community. Sin Compromiso has a place in the industry, in all actuality it may be way ahead of its time.” Saka’s reply, “Good luck, I’m still struggling between loving it and hating it”.

Saka also reported this was an early release of the line, probably due the the FDA Aug 8th 2016 deadline. He’s been smoking a lot of these to see what size best suits his “Puro Sin Compromiso” objectives with the regular production release coming in 2017.

The strength of the SC was in the straight MEDIUM bodied wheelhouse that produced a myriad of rich complex and balanced flavors both tasty and tormenting! I’ll be patiently waiting to see the next evolution of Sin Compromiso sometime later this year.



  • Charred Cedar
  • Bitter Leather/Leather/Raw Hide
  • Oak
  • Smoked Hickory Wood Chips
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Raw Cinnamon
  • Rich Maple/Molasses
  • Caramel Corn/Charred Toffee
  • Black Pepper/Medium
  • White Pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of Toffee/Caramel


Cigars for review: Purchased Box, Barrister Cigars

Cigars smoked for review: 5 (Since Aug 2016)

Cigar Smoke rate: 90

Size: Selección No. 4 Parejo 5.00 x 52

Capa: Nicaraguan Desflorado

Capote: Nicaraguan

Tripa: Undisclosed

Master Blender: Sr. Steve Saka
Esteli, Nicaragua








Toar Campbell

Love of all things cigars, craft beer, Stouts, IPA's (any beer). Follow me on Untappd @Toar Campbell. Writer, reviewer, founder
Toar Campbell

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