Cigar Smoke: 2016 Cigar Review Sites’ Top 25 Cigars

Cigar Smoke: 2016 Cigar Review Sites’ Top 25 Cigars

I had a spreadsheet going for the past month in an attempt to tackle the huge task of gleaning a 2016 Cigar Review Sites’ Top 25 Cigars from as many cigar review sites as possible. Halfwheel does such a great job on this every year that I decided to leave it to them, so I waited.

Just to throw out some numbers, in 2015 the Halfwheel list was comprised of 26 cigar review sites with 29 reviewers  (some sites have more than one top cigars list by individual reviewers). I remember reading the preface to the list last year and the concern over the shrinkage of cigar review sites. Well, the 2016 list shrunk further with 21 review sites and 24 reviewers. The decrease in the list peaked my interest and I started to investigate.

Eight of the previous included cigar review sites were either no longer blogging, did not meet the criteria (one site had a list, but it was unranked), or were just excluded for a reason that is not obvious to me. One site was Stogie Bink and the other was none other than Cigar Smoke. I messaged Charlie at Halfwheel several days ago about any reason for the exclusion of Cigar Smoke, but have not heard back from him.

So, I moved forward with our own 2016 Cigar Review Sites’ Top 25 Cigars. All research was done by Cigar Smoke in assembling this list.

Our list includes 24 cigar review sites and a total of 30 reviewers with specific 2016 Top Cigars lists.

  • A list must be posted by a written or video blog.
  • List must be ranked in numerical order.
  • Review sites with more than one reviewer were included if they met the other criteria.
  • Cigars needed at least three reviews in order to make the list. Including one and two reviewed cigars would have statistically skewed the list in an unfair manner.
  • Only 2016 released cigars or line additions were included.
  • Event and shop exclusives were excluded.
  • Cubans were excluded.

Here are the numbers from the 24 review sites and 30 reviewers:

  • 215 cigars were listed with a total of 393 reviews.
  • 135 cigars were excluded because they only had one review.
  • 80 cigars with 255 reviews had two or more scores.
  • 43 cigars were excluded because they only had two reviews.
  • 37 cigars with 169 reviews had three or more scores. This is the category we used for the list.

2016 Cigar Review Sites’ Top 25 Cigars

Rank Company Cigar
1 Warped Maestro del Maestro- 6102R
2 Bombay Tobak Mbombay Gaaja
3 Padron Anniversario 1964 Hermoso Maduro
4 Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida
5 Black Label Trading Bishop’s Blend
6 La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull
7 Davidoff Yamasa
8 Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius
9 Davidoff Comacho Powerband- Toro
10 Warped Maestro del Maestro
11 Joya de Nicaragua Joya Black
12 Hoya & AJ Fernandez La Amistad
13 Crux Crux de Connouisseur #2
14 Davidoff Box Press Toro
15 Foundation Cigar Tabernacle
16 AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes
17 Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa- Short Churhill
18 Davidoff Chef’s Edition
19 Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Miami
20 Black Label Trading Co. Black Works Studio NBK
21 Warped Guardian of the Farm
22 Warped Corto X46
23 Davidoff AVO Synchro Fogata
24 Bombay Tobak Mbombay Vintage Reserve 1973
25 Global Premium Cigars 1502 XO

 Also of note are the manufacturers with the most Top 25 cigars.

  • Davidoff (including Davidoff, AVO and Camacho)   5 cigars
  • Warped Cigars    4 cigars
  • Bombay Tobak   2 cigars
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust   2 cigars
  • AJ Fernandez (including Hoya collaboration)  2 cigars

No list is “The List” or absolutely correct because there are just too many variables. Cigar Smoke is not claiming anything to the contrary. Each list by all of the reviewers have worked very hard to select cigars and take the time and effort to review them honestly. So many cigars came out on the market in 2016 that the selection process was daunting. Evidence of that is clear from the number of cigars that only had one or two reviews (178 out of 216 cigars).

After seeing all of the 30 review lists, there are many cigars that are now on my list of must-try cigars. To Cigar Smoke, that is the point of cigar top lists. I thank them all for their efforts.

We have done our best to collect as much information as possible, set realistic criteria for inclusion, establish exclusions necessary for statistical accuracy, and produce an unbiased list of cigars that or worthy of your attention.

Your feedback is welcome. Spreadsheet is available upon request at rob@cigarsmoke.net.

Rob Malgieri

Rob Malgieri

Reviewer & Webmaster at CigarSmoke.net
Rob Malgieri

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