Corto X46 from Warped

Corto X46 from Warped








The Corto X46 made by Warped is the 2016 release update to the 2015 Corto X50. Per Kyle Gellis, the Corto X46 all Nicaraguan blend is grown on the same farms, same lots as its predecessor with a slight blending difference due only to the smaller ring size of the X46. Corto is an annual release of a “new” Corto in a different size. A different way of doing things but, hey, that’s what we have come to expect from Kyle.

Warped Cigars
Per Warped,

Corto or Spanish for “short” is the first full bodied blend to be produced by Warped. The series will introduce a new size each year at the IPCPR trade show in July and the previous year’s size will be retired.

I could not let the 2016 cigar release reviews go by without getting the Corto X46 on the list. Toar reviewed the Corto X50 last year and gave it a well-deserved 92. My follow up comment review gave it a 93. I smoked quite a few X50’s and it quickly become my go-to cigar. A perfect balance of strength and flavors, always a solid roll combined with a perfect draw, the X50 just gave me an enjoyable, almost one hour smoke. That’s right, a 4.5 x 50 robusto that lasts up to an hour!

On the the Corto X46


Most noticeable on the Corto X46 is the heft of this little cigar. Like the X50, it is tightly packed and feels much heavier than expected and is very, very solid. The medium brown wrapper has some veins and is a little mottled in coloration. The triple cap is firmly in place along with all of the wrapper seams, finished with a soft Cuban box press.

Corto X46 Pre Light


Pre-light draw reveals a perfect draw, some leather, tobacco and a hint of honey sweetness.


The Corto X46 lights right up with a pepper bang, and yet maintains a balanced mellowness. I am amazed at the ease of the draw on such a tightly packed petite robusto. Even after warming up, the Corto X46 is just solid. Smoke is rich and full with white plumes. Retro hale is a white pepper blast with honey sweetness. Initial flavor notes are earth, cedar, and black pepper balanced by a floral subtle sweetness.

Corto X46 First Light



The strong, spicy start rapidly moves to a more medium-plus strength with a fast escalation of flavors. By the one inch point, even the retro hale has backed off of the somewhat intense pepper. It seems with every puff there is a shift in the balance of flavors. Wow! I love that in a cigar. Cedar, leather, malt, a honey sweetness, pepper and a hint of floral are all blending and evolving. Of note compared to the X50, the transitions are happening much faster. The malt in particle entered into the flavor package much earlier on the X46, and I do love malt.

Corto X46 Cruise


You can probably tell from the photo that the Corto X46 has a pretty sharp burn line and the ash is firmly in place at the inch and a half point, and held on to the two inch mark.

Halfway in and the pepper does linger with a subtle bite, which gives the Corto its medium-plus strength designation.  I am retro haling way more than usual because it is enjoyable on this cigar: pepper followed by a unique floral, honey sweetness. There is also a solid chewiness to the smoke.


This is a cigar that I just do not want to end. The flavors keep coming and shifting in balance with no harshness. The pepper is still evident, the floral note has tapered a bit, leather and honey still press on, the addition of charred wood, while the finish of malt persists.

Corto X46 Final Third



Construction is flawless on the Corto X46 with one of the most consistently tight, firm rolls I have experienced while still delivering a perfect draw. Strength varies from an initial strong level that quickly lowers to a medium-plus due to lessening pepper and ever-increasing flavors.


  • Pepper
  • Malt
  • Floral
  • Honey
  • Cedar
  • Charred Wood
  • Leather


The X50 may be gone, but the Cort X46 firmly replaces it and even surpasses it. I mentioned in an email to Kyle Gellis last year that my only “complaint” about the X50 was that I just wanted more; a bigger version; more, more, more. He answered my groans with a smaller cigar–go figure–but he was so, so right!
Corto X46 Conclusion


What is amazing about the Corto X46 is how Cuban-like the unique flavors are, bringing in notes of floral, maltiness and a blend that I only associate with a Cuban cigar. Yep, it’s that good.

What will the Corto be in 2017? I”ll leave that up to Kyle, knowing it will be even better, if that is even possible. Get the Corto X46 before stock runs out because when it is gone, it is gone for good.

Cigar provided/purchased from: PuroCigar.com

Cigars Smoked for review: At Least a Dozen!

Cigar Smoke Rate: 95

Size:   4.5 x 46

Strength: Medium Plus

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan
Binder:      Nicaraguan
Filler:         Nicaraguan
Country of Origin:   Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) in Estelí, Nicaragua

MSRP: $8.50

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Rob Malgieri

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