Cigar Review: Dunhill Aged Maduro

Dunhill Aged Maduro







Beginning in 1977, Dunhill and Cubatabaco began discussing the possibility of producing a cigar brand bearing the name of Dunhill. An agreement was finally reached in 1982 and Dunhill cigars hit stores in 1984, starting with the Dunhill stores of ten countries and eventually expanding to thirty.

The ultimate downfall of the Dunhill brand was that it was out to compete with the other high-end private label, Davidoff. Seeing as how both brands were being produced by Cubatabaco, the Cuban tobacco monopoly wanted to make profits from both and had no wish to participate in the market competition between the two tobacconists.

Unhappy with Cubatabaco’s unwillingness, when the original contract expired in 1991 Dunhill chose not to renew, having already begun scoping possible new locations in the Canary Islands, Dominican Republic, and Honduras for cigar production.

Eventually, Dunhill would give up making cigars altogether and sold the rights to put its name on tobacco products to British American Tobacco.
Today, the original Dunhill Cuban cigars have become prized items for connoisseurs and collectors and demand high prices at auctions and from vintage merchants.




The NEW Dunhill Aged Maduro launch by General Cigar corp. in 2016 marks a historic move by the Dunhill brand and for the first time DUNHILL is introducing MADURO into its flagship cigar line – the Dunhill Aged.

The Dunhill brand was always known for supreme quality, elegance and great taste and the Maduro edition is taking it a notch higher with a whole new spectrum of flavors. Crafted with the maduro lover in mind, Dunhill Aged Maduro is the deeper, more delicious counterpart to the top-selling Aged Dominican line.

Featuring a Sun Grown Ligero Maduro wrapper surrounding a blend of Nicaragua and the Dominican’s best leaf, this instant classic is topped off with a long cedar nap to create a harmonious, balanced taste. A long time coming from an industry icon.





The oily Dominican wrapper is dark chocolate in color with notable seams, tooth and vein. The vitola measures 5 x 54 and has some “Nub” like characteristics. With a rounded cap and an open foot it’s packed with Dominican and Brazilian fillers.

The primary label is copper colored with white trim that reads “DUNHILL” in gold font on top with “AGED” “MADURO” in white font. A gold design sits in the middle with “CIGARS” in gold cursive. Pre-light aroma smelled of chocolate brownies and sweet cedar, the cold draw produced flavors of leather and woody notes.


At first light the second example produced bitter orange peel that I didn’t get on the first offering. Flavors of espresso, dark rich chocolate and cedar char.

All flavors mentioned were experienced on the first example minus the bitter sensation I’m getting on the palate with the second vitola. Black pepper is present at a medium level. Mild black pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of coffee and chocolate.


Entering cruise control flavors of bitter dark chocolate and coffee. Mild black pepper is keeping the Dunhill Aged Maduro at a straight medium level.

The cigar is mellowing out on the bitter notes allowing sweet flavors of chocolate brownies, nuances of cream leather, sweet cedar and roasted nuts. The retro is still producing mild black pepper evolving into flavors of chocolate.

“Chocolate brownies, nuances of cream leather, sweet cedar and roasted nuts”


In the final duration of the vitola sweet flavors of creamy nougat, dark semi sweet chocolate similar to baked brownies. Sweet cedar and roasted nuts are still present. Black pepper has been consistent, but mild in strength allowing coffee, chocolate and mocha notes to take point.

This cigar reminds me of an old favorite of the past, anyone who loves maduro cigars will know what I’m talking about, post Christian Eiroa. In the final leg as mentioned black pepper is at a mild level, the retro is producing mild black pepper evolving into distinct coffee and chocolate flavors.


Construction on both examples were very solid, the chunky packed vitola performed flawlessly on both smoked for review. Worth mentioning was the snap, crackle and pop the cigar produced on example number one, dry tobacco? Stems or seeds? The cigar sounded like a sparkler on the Fourth of July! It only lasted for about ten seconds then vanished as quick as it came.

The tightly packed ash held long and tight only being tapped to remove the band, otherwise it would have held to the cap. The burn line was straight and narrow and the v-cut produced the perfect amount of resistance which created thick plumes of creamy aromatic smoke.

The strength of the Dunhill Aged Maduro was in the straight MEDIUM BODIED wheelhouse producing full chocolate and coffee flavors with the right amount of pepper to keep it interesting from first light to final duration with an affordable price point.



  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Dark Chocolate/Bitter
  • Coffee/Espresso
  • Mocha
  • Creamy Leather
  • Roasted Nuts
  • Black Pepper/Mild
  • Sweet Cedar/Orange Peel
  • Black Pepper on the retro/Mild, evolving into flavors of Coffee & Chocolate




Cigars Provided By General Cigar: Pre Aug 8th

Cigars Smoked For Review: 2

Cigar Smoke Rate: 87

Size: 5 x 54

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Brazil, Dominican Republic

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic






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