Cigar Smoke Signals Newsletter

Cigar Smoke Signals Newsletter

Cigar Smoke Signals

Cigar Smoke is now sending out a weekly Newsletter called Cigar Smoke Signals.

Our Cigar Smoke Signals newsletter will keep our subscribers up to date on new cigar reviews as well as cigar news. Easy to subscribe to at CigarSmoke.net.

Sign up now and don’t miss out on the newest, best releases of great cigars. The newsletter is short and includes links to read the full news and reviews submitted that week by Cigar Smoke. We’ll also keep you current on contests to win FREE CIGARS and other cigar related products.

Current Contest

And don’t forget about our Cigar Reviews Comment Contest. The current contest is for the most comments on our Cigar Smoke cigar reviews by November 15. The winner will receive a 5-pack of Warped cigars, including all three new Maestro Del Tiempo’s as well as a Corto X46 and the Futuro Selección 109.

Rob Malgieri

Rob Malgieri

Reviewer & Webmaster at CigarSmoke.net
Rob Malgieri

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