Cigar Review: CAO Consigliere

CAO Consigliere

Listen, when it comes to CAO Cigars – you’re either part of the family or you’re not. We make blends that travel the world, race through the streets and burn to the ends of the earth. We wanted to give our fans what they had been asking for – and to do so, we needed to showcase it on the grand stages of the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas NV. CAO CIGARS





  • Associate: 5 x 52 Robusto
  • Boss: 7 x 56 Torpedo
  • Soldier: 6 x 54 Toro

CAO Consigliere is the new boss in town, so you better pay your respects. Out to make all inferior blends sleep with the fishes, Consigliere is a bold new offering from CAO, and this one isn’t messing around. Honestly, it reminds me of a blend from a few years back, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The CAO consigliere a re-release from an extremely popular CAO Sopranos line, which was launched in 2007 but was discontinued in 2013. A luxury smoke with plenty of style and class. The cigar features a crew of aged long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Nicaragua, a Honduran binder, and a dark Brazilian wrapper.







The CAO Consigliere has a dark and oily Brazilian wrapper with notable tooth, vein and visible seam. The single band is matte black with red accents covering the entire outer portion. In the middle of the circular motif reads “CAO” with the company’s signature logo. The colors really stand out on the dark wrapper. The consigliere had a rounded cap with a wide open foot. Pre light aromas of chocolate, cinnamon and sweet natural tobacco. The cold draw on the V-cut produced flavors of cocoa and leather.


Upon first light there is immediate black pepper at a medium level. Flavors of leather, coffee and damp earth take center stage with nuances woody char and black licorice. The retro is producing full level black pepper evolving into flavors of chocolate.


Entering cruise control burn the coffee flavor has amped up to a dark roast level along with dark bitter chocolate. Creamy leather and black licorice with a nuance of cinnamon and thick rich maple are giving the CAO Consigliere a distinct sweetness producing a long sweet and spicy finish. The retro is producing full black pepper evolving into a new flavor of caramel.


Moving into the final third the vitola is burning slightly hotter and is noticeable to the touch. The distinct flavors noted in the previous two stages have tapered off slightly. Flavors of brown sugar and rich maple are most notable on the aftertaste in between draws. Lighter flavors of coffee and dark chocolate are still consistent, however not as intense as it was previously. Black pepper has also decreased into more of a light dusting producing a spicy element notable on the lips and palate in between draws. The retro is still producing respectable levels of black pepper evolving into flavors of caramel and toffee.


The construction of the CAO Consigliere was above average and very solid. The burn line was razor sharp producing a compact solid ash that held past the inch point and needed force to tap off. The draw had the perfect amount of resistance resulting in copious amounts of thick white creamy smoke. I found all examples smoked for review extremely straight forward and balanced producing consistent flavors throughout the smoking duration. The CAO Consigliere was in the HIGH MEDIUM bodied range and an absolutely perfect follow up to the popular Sopranos line I personally enjoyed so much.



  • Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Brown Sugar
  • Rich Maple
  • Leather
  • Black Licorice
  • Black Pepper
  • Black Pepper on the retro evolving into flavors of Coffee Caramel/Toffee





Cigars for review purchased from: Boiling Springs Wine & Cigar

Cigars smoked for review: 4

Cigar Smoke Rate: 92

Size: 5 x 52 Robusto (Associate)

Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican, Colombian

Country of Origin: Nicaragua


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